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Shaolin's Very Own Elaine Kristal Goes Viral On Tik Tok After Integrity Questioned During A Challenge.

Elaine Kristal On The Set Of Her "Tested" Video

Elaine Goes Viral On Tik Tok

The Staten Island Native Places in the Top 10 After Passing Rapper Lil Mama And R&B Legend Anthony Hamilton.

She pounded her fist on a stage platform she was standing next to and belted what has been described by many as one of the most difficult bridges in R&B history”
— Frank Urban / Manager
STATEN ISLAND, NY, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2022 / -- The end of 2021 was bittersweet. After years of refining her vocals and trying to figure out how she wanted to present her music to the world, Elaine Kristal made a hard left. The uncharacteristic "Love Over Living" collaboration with Bronx rapper Produkt was released in the summer followed by her late 2021 solo debut "Tested". In only a few months and after several successful covers on the platform the singer went from a complete unknown to catching a little bit of the tailwind that had eluded her for the past few years. She quickly went from just 32 Tik Tok followers to over 3,000. Then Tank happened.

When R&B singer Tank launched the “Can We Talk Challenge” amongst young male R&B singers, Elaine despite her gender, refused to sit on the sidelines knowing she could contribute to the challenge and make one of her all-time favorite singers proud. The challenge required people to sing the hook of Tevin Campbell's classic 1993 hit single and boy that's exactly what she did! She rapidly gained 40,000 views and her video was favorited over 400 times. Needless to say, Elaine was ecstatic by the response from the public and the 100's of positive comments. Then user @temela2042 happened.

"How's she getting that sound in a car? That's pre-recorded Audio" was the message the user left in her comment section. Well the response was swift from Elaine as she pounded her fist on a stage platform she was standing next to and belted what has been described by many as one of the most difficult bridges in R&B history. "When I saw the comment my first reaction was "Oh word", he really went there?" explained Elaine. "I take this VERY serious and my pride couldn't let it go so I just walked over to this stage located in the studio complex I record in and just started pounding my fist while I sang a cappella". Then Tik Tok happened.

"Here I am with limited hours in a day trying to divide my time between recording new music, promoting recently released tracks, and preparing for the release of my new new single 'Nasty In The Morning' and now I'm replying to thousands of comments on my page". The #CanWeTalkChallenge has become a viral sensation with thousands of entries and nearly 20 million views of the hashtag. Elaine has claimed a piece of that pie with close to 1/4 of a million views, over 3,000 comments, 48,000 likes and an impressive 500% growth in followers. This has placed her in the Top 10 of the challenge alongside artists like X Factor USA Season 1 winner Melanie Amaro and rapper Joyner Lucas while passing established artists like Rapper Lil Mama, R&B legend Anthony Hamilton, and hitmakers Q from 112 and Bobby Valentino.

"2021 was hard for so many people including myself, but there were also many developments that made it tough to see last year end". For Elaine she's looking forward to a new year that is much more sweet than bitter.

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