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Painting colors for the bedroom according to Feng Shui

Montclair bedroom painting

Montclair bedroom painting

painting in Montclair

painting in Montclair

bedroom color painting

bedroom color painting

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MONTCLAIR, NORTH JERSEY, USA, December 29, 2021 / -- Feng Shui is a philosophy of the year 2022, that aims to maintain the balance of energy of a space. In case there is a thought of relying on this philosophy, for the painting task of a residence bedroom, there are some facts to be in every mind.
This is something that should be done, always by thinking of the appropriate colors for a bedroom, according to feng shui. In this case, the appropriate painting colors are based on the orientation of the space.

First of all, the orientation of the whole house and also, the individual rooms should be carefully considered. Each direction has its own interpretation. It would be good, then, to find the direction of each room. Based on the orientation of the space, the most favorable painting colors will be selected for the bedroom. More specifically, in a bedroom area, it makes sense to want to favor the elements of love and romance.

Eastern - If the direction of the bedroom is east, it means that two very important elements are represented, such as those of health and family. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that can be used to enhance every bedroom.
In order to favor these elements, there is the need of painting colors such as green and brown. At the same time, some elements of earth colors can be put on space, as well as blue or black.

Southeastern - The southeast orientation is dominated by the abundance of life and money. According to feng shui, the colors for every bedroom of this direction do not differ from those mentioned in the previous one. Therefore, painting colors such as green and brown can be used and also other earth tones.

Southern - If a bedroom "looks" to the south, then it is characterized by glory and fame. These two represent fire, one of the 5 elements of nature. So, if there is this interest in enhancing them, then painting colors such as red, pink, orange, purple and yellow, should be used for a bedroom. These are warm, bright and bold colors. At the same time, the addition of some details of green and brown is going to keep the balance.

Southwest - In case the direction of a bedroom is southwest, this is supposed to be the most appropriate orientation! It symbolizes love and marriage, two elements necessary in the personal space of every couple. Even in situations that there is no match, these are the right colors to decorate every bedroom in order to strengthen this area. Red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple are colors that help in the romance and erotic mood of two partners. At the same time, some earthy details can be used in order to make the decoration of the bedroom softer.

West - The west side of space is responsible for creativity and childhood. This is the corner of children and play. In case a bedroom facing west, the ideal colors for this are seems to be white and gray.
White, in addition to purity, also symbolizes the white canvas of a painter, which enhances the artistic mood. There is also the possibility of adding earth tones, which will help to achieve having strong color differences.

Northwest - In the situation that a personal space has a northwest orientation, then the colors for a bedroom according to feng shui, are the same one as those of the west. Both directions are based on the metal element and this is the reason that, the specific colors are chosen.
However, big attention should be paid in use of the elements of fire and the related painting colors, such as red, orange and pink. Their combination would be disastrous for the energy balance of the room.

North - The north represents the water element and is responsible for people's careers. The colors that match a room with a north orientation are blue and black. Concerning the point of view, however, these colors do not evoke a pleasant mood but may have a depressing tendency.
For this reason, there should be a limitation to the decoration of a bedroom with these colors and combine them, with white and gray tones. Also, although water is predominant, it tends to be good, not to add any liquid element.

Northeastern - Facing a situation where the direction of a bedroom is northeast, then this symbolizes spiritual growth and development. To enhance these elements, it should opt for earth tones, as well as details in red, orange, pink or purple. There is the selection of painting the walls in beige color and combine it with red details on fabrics or pillows.

Montclair painting services can help in achieving the ideal feng shui painting color combination, for the best energy levels of a home. Search the web to get ideas and ask for professional painters in Montclair NJ.

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