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How mood affects the way people perceive painting colors

How mood affects the way people perceive painting colors

How mood affects the way people perceive painting colors

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MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 27, 2021 / -- Painting colors affect emotions and many international scientific studies have from time to time and extensively dealt with this dynamic interaction. New studies in Neuropsychology and the Psychology of Colors, however, are leading in a new direction. Scientists have every reason to believe that not only do painting colors have a positive or negative effect on our psychology, but the opposite can also be true: our emotions affect the recognition of colors.

In particular, the scientific journal of the Union for the Science of Psychology states that emotions and mood can affect the way people see and judge situations around them and especially the way they perceive painting colors. It is obvious, then, that there is a perfect correlation between the emotions and the visual processes that the brain directs based on the stimuli it receives and the dopamine levels it secretes as a neurotransmitter. Therefore, negative emotions can negatively affect the brain in "reading" colors correctly.

During one study, 127 undergraduate students were invited to watch a dramatic film. Respectively, they were assigned to watch another movie, this time of a comic nature. They then completed a questionnaire on the distinctions of different colors giving color to 48 discolored frames that were presented to them. The comparative results were spectacular! Students who had watched the drama film showed a decrease in the ability to recognize the colors found in the shades of blue and yellow, in contrast to those who had watched the comedy film. It should be noted, however, that the researchers were faced with a surprise: the crises of both groups did not differ in the colors of the green and red color axis.

A second survey with 130 undergraduate students moved in the same direction, which presented the same results. The emotions evoked by the dramatic film influenced the recognition of blue and yellow tones in the color sensitivity test that followed. The findings are expected to revolutionize the fields of Neurophysiology and Psychiatry as well as industries directly related to sales, construction and decoration.

Gikas painting services, in full harmony with the strong combination of painting color and mood, give great importance to choosing the right color to invest in your space, which is why its renewed color palette for 2022 stand out not only for the variety of mixtures but also the harmony of painting tones. Aiming at improved psychology and a central motif to enhance optimism and positive emotions, it presents an impressive color palette of balanced and happy color compositions, divided into 5 subcategories based on their positive effect (Alive, Mantra, Play, Heart and Haven).

Is it possible, then, other times to recognize or misunderstand a color more simply because we are angry or happy? The above new studies nod, yes.

Recognizing this strong correlation of colors and psychology, which now has a two-way direction, customers have, therefore, another good reason to maintain their positive mood and to interpret what is happening around with a more open mind.

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