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Moac Blockchain announced 7.5 million USD Security Token offering with Realtize

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2021 / -- The US innovative blockchain high-tech company, Moac ( Moac blockchain tech. Inc) signed a cooperation agreement with the digital investment bank Realtize (Realtize. LLC) to prepare for the issuance of worldwide STO, with the goal of total equity worth 7.5 million USD, Moac is aimed to participate in the global digital capital market by issuing digital stocks.

About MOAC:
with a profound accumulation of professional technology and a global vision. The Company focuses on the application and development of blockchain serving North America and the Asia Pacific.

The company has developed Super-Bound system, XBLOX cross chain platform and Super-bound Tree storage.

1.Super-Bound system: The Super-bound system is composed of the bottom platform startup module, the intermediate consortium chain platform, the upper super bound fast storage module, etc. It mainly realizes the traceability function of deposit certificate and can conduct real-time traceability queries on the uplink data.

XBLOX Cross Chain Platform:
XBLOX is a decentralized cross chain network platform which providing a broader connection scheme for various Defi applications, and technical basis for CEX switching to DEX in a centralized exchange.

XBOX supports flow liquid pools. In addition to the transactions initially added by the project party, users holding XBLOX can initiate currency loading proposals through the governance process, and create transaction pairs on XBOX from popular assets in multiple target chains through voting or mortgage.

Super-Bound Tree Storage: The technology realizes reliable collection, storage, convenient verification, and traceability of data certificates in an all-round way. It can be widely used for cross domain information sharing in multiple application scenarios such as commodity traceability, bill circulation and data retrieval.

At present, MOAC has significant advantages in the core technology of blockchain.
Relying on a large number of applications and a large number of users, MOAC blockchain ecologically develops the blockchain and has higher dimensional competitiveness. so the highlights of the company could be easily founded as followings:

1. Comprehensive applications and users: The system runs 220+ applications and 3 million+ active users
2.Independent IP rights: more than 20 Chinese patents and 9 American patents
3.Technical Architecture: the world's leading underlying platform for commercial blockchain.
4.Multi-layer approach: the openness of the public chain and the flexibility of the application chains

MOAC token:
Based on the ecological layout and strategic development of MOAC company, the company will issue equity tokens with a total price of 7.5 million USD, and the minimum investment for a token is 5 USD. At the same time, MOAC has planned a variety of exit channels and transaction methods for the circulation of project tokens.

Issuer Moac blockchain technology. Inc
Financing amount $7,500,000
Per token $5.00
Token equity investment
Regulation Reg D 506c
Investors Accredited only

About Realtzie: Realtize will offer the digitalization of MOAC in crowdfunding and subscription of digital stocks.
Realtize> Robinhood+ Coinbase, is an all-in-one platform that helps real estate, ECO, technology ,ect to raise the capital establishes real estate ECO, energy and traditional assets marketplace such as “Zillow” and “Kickstart” to create a seamless investment experience for users.

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