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Monitoring learning from formative and summative evaluation - Luca E-learning Platform

Plataforma educativa Luca

Plataforma educativa Luca

Monitoring learning is essential in education. This is why you should know everything about formative and summative assessment. Here it is.

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MéXICO DF, MEXICO, December 24, 2021 / -- Although virtual learning and E-Learning represent a change in traditional education. The teaching-learning process has some parts that are essential for it to fulfill its objective. Among these parts is the evaluation. Even so, the evaluative process cannot be understood as a generality. There are many types of assessment that work for holistic learning. In this article, formative and summative evaluation will be discussed properly.

It is necessary to start by knowing that the evaluation process fulfills specific functions for education, including education at home or online. In this way, the educational evaluation seeks to collect and analyze information in order to determine the progress or progress of the students. To achieve this, teachers and tutors use techniques and instruments designed for this purpose.

It is worth clarifying that the educational evaluation goes much further than the delivery of a grade. The primary objective of the assessment is the integration of values, principles and skills that fully educate the student. This regardless of whether it is formative and summative evaluation,

In E-Learning the above is no different. On the contrary, teachers and students have at their disposal many more tools and instruments. These lead to online assessment strategies focused on creativity and exploration of new tools. Formative and summative evaluation are widely benefited by technological inclusion and virtuality.

Summative evaluation and the importance

The elements of formative and summative assessment are highly dependent on the creativity of teachers, institutions, and even parents when education is given at home. The important thing is that these respond to the learning stage of the students and allow them to explore and apply new and better skills.

Formative and summative evaluation have been created and modified to strengthen the pedagogical use of evaluation processes . In addition, they have allowed the evaluation to adapt to the evolution of education and the arrival of virtual educational models and instruments such as virtual education platforms.

Luca is not far behind and, from our position as a virtual learning platform, we not only offer you the best content for primary and secondary schools, but we also ensure the integration of formative and summative assessment through interactive and fun resources, such as games, questionnaires and reviews.

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