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Buddy Punch’s Employee Time Tracking Software Adds Contactless Option

The new Buddy Punch contactless kiosk time clock has a QR Code option

UNITED STATES, December 21, 2021 / -- Buddy Punch, whose software simplifies payroll with an online punch clock and streamlines time tracking, has introduced a contactless kiosk time clock – a safe, no-touch option for employees to punch in and out of work.

Buddy Punch’s software was specially created to meet the needs of small businesses and enterprises alike. The punch in punch out software provides an accurate and neatly organized attendance tracking system for any number of users, all in real time.

With Buddy Punch’s easy-to-use time tracking options, companies can reduce the time they spend manually reviewing, verifying, inputting and analyzing employee timesheets. Buddy Punch also allows employers to increase employee accountability through features that restrict employee punches to specific locations.

The new Buddy Punch contactless kiosk time clock has a QR Code punching option, which allows an employee to punch in or out by scanning a QR Code. It can be used from the Buddy Punch website or a mobile app.

To use, employees hold up their QR Code to the camera. It will automatically be scanned and then punch them in and out. Buddy Punch will return to the QR Code scanner for the next employee. There is also an option to capture an employee’s picture each time he or she uses the QR code to punch.

With Buddy Punch, employees can punch in and out on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Since everything is online-based, users can access their data from anywhere and any device of their choosing.

Employees receive confirmation once they’ve punched in or out.

By using any device available to the employee or managers, everyone can have real-time access to their hours and reports, which can be exported to payroll software, such as Zapier, Quickbooks or ADP, and can be viewed as an Excel spreadsheet. Employees can now track their time quickly and easily, request PTO, verify hours with biometrics and much more.

“We created Buddy Punch to fill a strong need that nobody was serving,” said Eric Czerwonka, the CEO of Buddy Punch. “We’ve continued to innovate with our QR code-based contactless time clock, which helps to keep workplaces and employees safe.”

For more information about the new contactless time clock and to sign up for a free, 14-day trial, visit


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