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German Rosete: Augmented reality will be the basis for growth in the manufacturing and service sectors

The Mexican businessman German Rosete analyze the current impact of augmented reality developments in manufacture and services

This health crisis that we are experiencing advanced our societies 20 years in technology, it is time for governments to recognize this”
— German Rosete
MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 / -- There has long been a debate about how to increase the productivity of the workforce. Many studies by the World Bank, the IDB, and the IMF have been devoted to pointing out that various countries require an improvement in labor productivity. The super experts in economics and public policies pointed out that you must invest in technology to achieve these goals, but they never said which technology. The growth country examples they showed were based on a cheap labor component. Today augmented reality is the way for technological developments to make that possible, noted the energy sector entrepreneur German Rosete.

Certainly, augmented reality is the solution. Augmented Reality will be for the manufacturing sector and the service sector the equivalent of what it is today to have access to Google for a researcher. Finally, in real-time a worker can have access to a solution that supports him to solve the problems he faces, give feedback, and even with other technological developments, such as exoskeletons, to protect parts of his body, commented the businessman.

Indeed, governments are faced with a unique opportunity with the scenario of low real interest rates that they have throughout the world to encourage their companies to achieve this type of transformation. For example, Google is already going to launch its new augmented reality glasses, Facebook already has a development with Ray-Ban and there are rumors that in 2022 Apple will launch its product.

According to various experts, today the most advanced company is Microsoft with its Hololens solution. Hololens is the number one solution for creating Broadway theater sets and is growing strongly in medicine and education.

In this regard, Bank of America pointed out that the launch of Apple's augmented reality products will have an extremely positive impact on the growth of the stock. It will simply be a "Game Changer", said the financial institution.

This health crisis that we are experiencing advanced our societies 20 years in technology, it is time for governments to recognize this and not to seek to return to the past and consider that the growth engines of the past will continue to be in force. This is no longer a world of just making an office building and putting a mall downstairs to create jobs. That world has already ended as an engine for the development of economic activity in cities, today we have to think about using Cobots, the businessman established.

Look, a very clear example, before people had to take computer classes to learn to access their mail with cell phones and tablets that changed. A 4-year-old child easily understands how to use a cell phone, the same will happen with augmented reality in the manufacturing and service sectors.

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German Rosete and augmented reality