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Cosmetics Registration Program FAQs

Most of the information in the VCRP database is currently found on your product label and is available to the public. The only time information that might not be on your product label might be entered into the VCRP database would be if your product is made by a contract manufacturer. Entering contract manufacturing information is optional, and even if it is entered, it would not be released under an FOIA request.

Please note, in late 2018, certain registration information from the VCRP, that is currently available to the public through FOIA, will be posted on the VCRP "Registration Reports" website. This will include:

  • Current Form FDA 2511 registrations - cosmetic establishment name, type of establishment, and address (only city, state, zip/postal code, and country will be made public)
  • Current Form FDA 2512 filings - cosmetic product name, labeler name, type of business, address (only city, state, zip/postal code, and country will be made public), product category, and ingredients

Proprietary business information and contract manufacturer information, which is not releasable under FOIA, will not be published on the VCRP "Registration Reports" website. Filers may choose to de-register or cancel their Form FDA 2511 establishments or discontinue their Form FDA 2512 formulations.