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HRH Sir Clyde Rivers World Civility Leader Chooses the Top Players of Humanity 2021

The Top Players of Humanity 2021

The Almanac of the Rising Stars

Our rising newcomers are amongst the best people I've witnessed in regard to impacting the world we currently live in today.”
— HRH Sir Clyde Rivers
CHARLOTTE, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2021 / -- There are fourteen authors from different corners of the world Dr. Ira Roach III, Dr. Obioma Martin, Dr. Roshan Khan, Dr. Sonya Robinson, Dr. Greg Dillon, Dr. Kiros Gabriel, Branko Tambah, Dr. Sharon Anderson, Dr. Jesse Salgado, Dr. Bimal Kantaria, Regina Platt, Dr. Christy Iwuchukwu, Dr. Soyum Shah and Robert Lyons, Edited by Prof. Christine Kozachuk. As you read through their chapters, you'll see that they provide insight regarding their experiences and solutions on how to serve humankind through civility. They have different backgrounds and projects, but their message is clear we must civilly serve humanity.

There's a principle of sowing and reaping, and the idea is that when you sow good, you reap good. This book will emphasize the need for civility and a way to help make this world a better place for humankind.

Jesse Salgado states, "every day we go through hardships and at times it is difficult to find someone to recognize what you do. Having an opportunity to be in The Almanac of Raising Stars and being part of something extraordinary words cannot explain. I have the honor to tell my story of being a chaplain, cultivating passion and love to help people anywhere and everywhere.

Being a witness of what God can do is a blessing no matter the challenges I face daily. As I help people grow, God has put people in place to recognize the dedication I have to become a rising star during a pandemic. If I could inspire you in any way, just know no matter what's going on in life, God can open doors for you when you least expect it. Keep moving forward and take your time loving yourself."

Dr. Christy Iwuchukwu states, "your legs may take you many miles, but your voice can take you everywhere. As a modern-day philosopher of this new narrative for women to voice activate her, being in The Almanac of Rising Stars anthology offers more opportunities to reach and serve more women, helping them narrate their stories, giving them the confidence to be the voice."

Dr. Ira Roach III states, "being in this book project reminds me that dreams do come true. Being in a place to impact people in the entire world is an amazing accomplishment but being named among the top global leaders in the world is an answered prayer."

"Be not weary in well-doing, for in the due season, you shall reap if you faint not."

Christine Kozachuk
Kuotukwa Royal International Media of King Development
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