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Innovative farm management software that helps farmers grow profits.

Planting Profits® saves farmers time, makes farmers money, and gives farmers peace of mind.

Planting Profits helps decide crop choices.

Unscramble crop planning...

This holiday season find peace of mind unscrambling your 2022 crop planning while everyone else is scrambling…

Here’s what you get... Less stress and more control during planning season and beyond. More time for family, leisure, social activities. More time for chores. Peace of mind…”
— G. Schneider
DENVER, CO, USA, December 14, 2021 / -- Now that harvest is in the bin, producers all across the continent are going through their annual gyrations and gymnastics of deciding their 2022 crop mix. Some have planning down pat. Some can use a hand. Some are inbetweeners. But wherever a producer lands on this continuum, crop planning is the seed stage in the annual farming cycle. Crop planning, like everything else in farming, is driven by the beat of continuous improvement.

Just-in-time for planning time, Planting Profits® a Colorado agricultural technology startup, kicks off its groundbreaking online crop planning advisory service.

Through December, the Company will assist producers across the U.S. and Canada in developing their 2022 crop plans. This advisory service pilot is free in exchange for feedback on the service.

Gary Schneider, CEO and co-founder of Planting Profits, explains, “This month we’re piloting our advisory service. We’re working individually, online with as many producers as possible helping them develop their 2022 plans. The pilot is also a warm up for the soft launch of our new crop planning software later this month. It will be available to all producers for free.”

Schneider continues, “The advisory service that we’re piloting is a new service category. It starts with planting intentions. It combines on-farm knowledge, “musts” and “wants” and operational constraints with our patented planning software and planning process. Together we’ll analyze nearly every possible combination of crop/field/acres and asset use. Our software can do this in seconds. The end product is a 2022 crop plan that shows the most profitable combinations of crops/fields/acres and asset use. A plan that: meets all stated farming objectives and constraints; can include resiliency and conservation considerations; and can easily be changed if something happens between now and then.”

“Here’s the deal, no matter what management decision is contemplated, Planting Profits hunts down the most profitable mixes of crops/fields/acres and asset use. It’s like the Terminator. That’s what it does. That’s all it does. No other digital farm tool or spreadsheet can do this. Together we’ll likely find crop mixes with 10 – 30% higher expected income than planting intentions – on the first pass. Then we can look at ways to increase income or analyze risk or asset use. Alternatively, the analysis will validate planting intentions which has value too – assuring no big money has been unknowingly left on the table. Deciding a crop mix is a big bet – one of the biggest bets of the year. Success starts with planning. Our service only takes about an hour or two and the pilot is free. That’s a big bang for the buck.”

As an added bonus, participants will get an opportunity to learn the basics of the Planting Profits software from an expert advisor. Then, when the software is launched later this month, participants can use it themselves to modify and finalize their plans.

Schneider wraps it up with this, “For the pilot, we’re looking for row crop growers who have some crop choices and some flexibility in rotations. For producers interested in participating, please complete the CROP – FIELD PROFILE TEMPLATE and return it ASAP. A representative from Planting Profits will contact you. Happy planning and happy holidays!”

Planting Profits® LLC provides tools, training and services that help producers with their crop-planning. We strive to serve producers. We aspire to integrate with other solutions that improve customer experience. Our online planning tool is free for producers to use. Our online advisory service is guaranteed or there is no fee. Planting Profits® saves producers time, makes producers money, and gives producers peace of mind.

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Gary Schneider
Planting Profits LLC

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