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A Veteran Marketer Resurrects A Lost Formula For Safely Turning Blog Readers Into Leads And Customers

...Renamed The "Pin-Point Formula

LAGOS, NG, December 11, 2021 / -- A digital marketer who has been around since 2007, Anthony Maduka, is bringing back an old online marketing phenomenon of the early internet years and modernizing it. It is a system that helps corporate, small-business, and personal blogs present money-exchanging offers to their audience without risking their reputation and audience retention.

According to Mr. Anthony, "I got the inspiration while spending time on blogging-related forums listening to bloggers share their blog monetization challenges, fears, and failures. One faithful day, I had a realization: blogging shares a lot of parallels with article marketing. In fact, blogging is a form of article marketing. The only difference is that the marketing is done on your platform, instead of another person's platform. So, what works for article marketing should work for blogging. So, I shared the Pin-Point formula with some of my blogger friends. They tried it and reported tremendous results. That was when I knew I've discovered something big."

The Pin-Point formula helps brands to turn their education or entertainment-based content into an effective lead generation tool. At the core, it is about making, in the most optimal way, offers that the audience is grateful for -- offers that help them get the solutions they want. It harnesses the 3 biggest social currencies that online blogging naturally generates: authority, trust, and a desire to reciprocate.

On Friday, 17th December 2021, Mr. Anthony will be starting a free 3-part web series to help blog owners and managers implement the Pin-Point formula. The first part dives deep into what the "Pin-Point" formula is all about. It shows a simple formula for understanding the concept. The second part reveals 21 ways to use this formula on a blog. The third part shows advanced tricks and tips for amplifying the power of the pin-point formula. He hopes to help blog owners make the optimum use of their asset – their blog.

Anybody interested in watching the series can sign up to be notified here...

About Anthony Maduka

Anthony Maduka started learning digital marketing in 2007 as a hobby. The passion drove him to explore nearly every aspect of digital marketing. He has seen the industry evolve, watched trends come and go, seen techniques and methods grow from simple to complex. And throughout these changes, he has been a voracious student of it all. As a result, he has gained deep and uncommon insights on how to get leads, sales, jobs, and generally make money via the internet. If businesses know half of what he knows, they’ll solve many of their business problems and grow their revenue.

He used to be a perfectionist. As a result, he never felt comfortable sharing his knowledge, because he never felt it was good enough. Thus, he never came out all these years and businesses never got to know about him. But through therapy, he was able to overcome that part of his character. Now that he’s free, he can’t wait to share with the world what he knows.

Anthony Maduka
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