Charles Schleifer and His Experience Representing the 9/11 Lost Souls

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Representing clients from one of the most significant events in American history will forever stay with HGSK Shareholder Charles Schleifer.

When life-changing events like 9/11 occur, we need people to step up to help evolve the law and counsel clients in ways that have never been done before. Charles did that, and his story is inspiring.”
— James C. Haggerty, Esq.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2021 / -- Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer, & Kupersmith P.C. is proud to announce that shareholder Charles Schleifer’s article in the Fall 2021 issue of The Philadelphia Lawyer has been published. His piece, “Remembrances of 9/11 and the Lost Souls I Represented”, takes us through the start of his “normal” day on September 11, 2001—which became anything but normal.

Charles Schleifer shares how the horrific events of that day lead him to help victims and their families during one of the most historic times in American history through his participation in the Trial Lawyers Care (TLC). This organization offered pro bono legal services for the benefit of the injured survivors or families of those who died through the Victims Compensation Fund (VCF). Applicants to the VCF would waive the right to file a lawsuit against airports, airlines, cities, and other possibly liable parties in return for the opportunity to be fairly compensated for economic loss and conscious pain and suffering.

The fund administrator was one of our nation’s finest mediators, Kenneth Feinberg, and the process allowed applicants to file paperwork and await a decision or appear in a hearing. Although lawyers participating in TLC were required to waive all rights for fees change for the privilege of representing these souls, where most lawyers would take one client, our Charles Schleifer took six clients with a total of 21 survivor claims.

Over the next two years, the stories of how he met with each client and built each survivor claim for his clients—who all became his friends—marked a turning point in his career to do more than just practice law, but to counsel and advocate for those who could no longer do so for themselves. Each of his claimants took their case to hearings, and each had their day in court before Feinberg, telling their harrowing story.

To this day, our shareholder Charles Schleifer still maintains his files and has photographs of each family he represented before the TLC. His HGSK family is still, and will forever be, proud of his service to our community and our country. This is the type of dedication and representation that our law firm brings to those we represent in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania when the call for duty arrives.
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