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Lunge-AI's Enterprise Priority Management (EPM) Platform: Pathbreaking technology for unified dashboard for the SaaS age

Lunge Systems' innovative EPM software enabling organizations to track, control and improve their target outcomes is now available publicly for all enterprises.

From a not-enough-data world, we are moving to a too-much-data world. Technology to extract actionable wisdom and continuously improve it based on evidence will be crucial for success in such a world.”
— Abhay Gupta, CEO, Lunge Systems
SEATTLE, USA, December 6, 2021 / -- Lunge Systems, an AI company focused on quantifying and improving the way the world spends its time, announced the public launch of its Enterprise Priority Management (EPM) Platform. The software platform empowers the organizations of all sizes to make sure its resources, including limited time its employees have, are optimally utilized at all time and the its activities always remain in line with the organization's objectives.

In today’s “post-annual-profit world”, the companies are looking to maximize more than their EBITDAs and governments are trying to achieve “balanced growth” rather than just the GDP. The government and companies suffer from data and information overload where things are evolving at such fast pace that it is hard even for the experts to be certain. The consequence of this complexity, uncertainty and evolution is that by the time a technology solution is implemented, the issues, the underlying mechanisms and even the recommendations on how to deal with those issues have already changed.

Lunge Systems has developed and commercialized a path-breaking technology using “Quantification of Time” to optimally manages multiple priorities. Lunge Systems’ Enterprise Priority Management (EPM) Platform enables organizations to define their preferences (importance and urgency) over multiple target areas, specify the goals and quantitative measures that track the progress.

We have built a database of “benchmark actionable wisdom” using billions of data points on cause-and-effect extracted from wide-range of reputable information sources. This database is leveraged by “Lunge Pathways recommendation engine” guiding users “what-to-do-when-how-and-why”. This wisdom is delivered directly to users’ calendars.

The third component of Lunge Systems technology is “evidence-driven AI”. Using the actual data on users’ actions and outcomes, our algorithms are always learning and updating the enormous network of causal relationships (terabytes of data) in real-time. The updated evidence is fed back into our AI models to continuously improve the validity and the actual impact of our recommendation engine.

Given the universal and ubiquitous nature of our framework design, Lunge Systems’ technology can be used by literally any organization. Moreover, anyone who have more than one priority to manage (which is most people), Lunge can offer them unmatched benefits in terms of increased efficiency since our indexes use trade-offs and implicit prices of doing one activity in terms of another activity.

The interface is simple to use for end-user and is available as a web application and mobile apps. Lunge EPM's “Admin Command Center” provides the executives tools to not only control the user interface using the data, but also implement any strategy or transformation or policy change at the click of a button. Lunge provides a snapshot of the whole organization by showing the real-time impact scorecard at different levels along various KPIs.
Lunge EPM has built-in features based on “social and behavioral nudges” which allow users to participate in group tasks, create challenges, compare themselves with other peer groups.

Lunge Systems provides many of the same functionalities as other solutions in ERP, OKRs, Analytics, Project Management, RPA, AI, Expert Advisory, Reporting and Impact Evaluation. But it leverages a different and most fundamental way of deploying these features: pivoting everything, from regulatory compliance checklist to KPIs to outcomes, around activities on people’s calendars.

The clients see large improvement in their top and bottom lines as well as any other target indicators. They also consolidate and increase their competitive advantages. Another reason behind Lunge EPM's high RoI (return-on-investment) is its ability to codify the tacit knowledge that exists in organizational processes and its employees' expertise, and then put technology and AI layers on top of that to make that knowledge scalable and adaptable.

Lunge Systems is currently offering heavily-discounted pilots to the companies interested in testing this pathbreaking technology platform.

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