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The Tax Preparation Targeted Coaching Program

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targeted coaching program

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This tax preparation targeted coaching and mentoring program is designed for women who want to start a tax preparation business but not by themselves.

ROCKFORD, IL, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2021 / -- The Tax Preparation Targeted Coaching Program is designed for women looking to start a tax preparation business who don’t want to start alone. This high-end coaching program is a simple way to get started and grow a profitable tax preparation service. We focus on key elements to starting a tax practice that is centered around two common challenges of having a tax business. Especially for new clients who have no prior training or experience.

Assisting clients with business structure and business accounts and preparing the e-file providers application those things speak for themselves for most clients. Those two common challenges are effectively learning the knowledge and skills of preparing individual income taxes. The second challenge is mastering professional tax software. The other moving pieces inside of your business are important but if you don’t have the skills to start with the other factors are irrelevant.

The majority of my clients are women and they are new to this career industry of tax preparation and taxation. Over the years of helping people start their own tax preparation service has planted the seed to start my own coaching and mentoring program. Unfortunately, there are so many people advertising coaching programs that are geared to starting and growing a tax practice based on making 5 or 6 figure income in 3 to 4 months and being able to spend the remaining time with family or traveling. life-changing income in their first or second year of being in business. Our message is honest and realistic and doesn’t in the hype. Our coaching and mentoring program is a combination of live and video training modules. The solution we bring with my coaching program is that is no guesswork with getting started because we give you simple targeted information that will make becoming profitable and sustainable happen in the first year or two if the clients take the information and training and implement it inside of their business.

This tax preparation targeted coaching and mentoring program covers topics like business structure that covers the different types of business structures. Helping the client with filling out the e-file providers applications that need two fingerprint cards to process the application. Business accounts, payment processors, and recordkeeping requirements. We discuss what documents you will need to obtain a business account and apply for an account with a payment processor. There is a variety of tasks to accomplish with starting a tax preparation business that the average person getting started by themselves will face challenges with carrying out those tasks.

This coaching and mentoring program was designed with the end-user in mind. Our client gets to leverage our 20 years of experience and 14 years as a business owner to get awesome results through targeted training and coaching. To learn more about this career opportunity visit or email me at

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