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Youtube Series Sheds Light On Maintaining Healthy Kidney Lifestyle

WOOD-RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2021 / -- Healthy Kidney Inc. has been updating their official YouTube channel, established several years ago and spanning hundreds of unique videos. Robert Galarowicz, Naturopath and Kidney Disease survivor has made it his life’s work to offer insight to the kidney disease community on a wide range of pertinent topics. These range from nutrition and which tests are the most important to have performed to different tips and tricks for helping cats and dogs with kidney disease. Robert’s videos go in-depth on the best kidney lifestyle and what changes are necessary to ensure best kidney health. Whether it is for a person or a pet with kidney troubles, Healthy Kidney Inc. remains devoted to offering quality information that can support normal kidney function.

Healthy Kidney Inc’s YouTube channel has devoted several videos to seemingly mundane best kidney lifestyle practices, but which nevertheless have been proven to help.

Here are some of the most recent kidney lifestyle videos, covering a variety of topics.

Help Kidney Disease by Brushing Teeth
In this video, Robert discusses the necessity of oral hygiene, especially when one is dealing with kidney issues. It is one of the most vital steps to living a healthy kidney lifestyle. Not only is it recommended for general oral health in everyone, but when it comes to the kidney disease demographic, brushing teeth daily can help mitigate gum issues and other bacterial infections which can impact the kidneys.

Thanksgiving and Kidney Disease: 4 Tips
This video has Robert addressing holiday overindulgence and what that means for a kidney diet. Although it’s imperative to maintain a healthy kidney diet most of the time, it’s also no secret that during the holidays, many diet adherents stray. If that is an issue, here are the best ways to mitigate any serious derailments before they occur.

Breakfast and Kidney Disease: Hot Cereal for Kidney Disease Breakfast
In this video, Robert showcases some of the more beneficial choices of cereal for breakfast. Breakfast is not only one of the most important meals of the day, it’s also the cornerstone of a healthy kidney lifestyle. Many commercial cereals may taste good due to being excessively frosted with sugar, but there are actually healthy options that taste just as good while still remaining kidney friendly.

Candy and Kidney Disease
This video goes over the best choices for indulging that sweet tooth while also maintaining a good, healthy kidney lifestyle and kidney-friendly diet. Candy can be enjoyed, but the type of candy and quality of the candy must be taken into account. As usual, homemade is best.

Starting today, viewers can get answers to the most pressing questions about how to live a healthier kidney lifestyle, while still feeling like they can engage in regular activities, meals, and holidays. Keeping an eye on kidney health doesn’t need to be a monumental chore or a dreaded task. It can be as simple as making natural, simple switches or curtailing quantity without sacrificing enjoyment.

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