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The Highlights of 4 Himiway New Product Launched Conference- The Revolution Of the E-bike Industry





Himiway has luanched their 4 new E-bikes: Himiway Zebra, Himiway Cobra, Himiway Cobra Pro, and Himiway Big Dog

SUITE BREA, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 29, 2021 / -- In this article, we will be closely viewing all the features that these himiway e-bikes are offering. Let's begin then.

Himiway's four new e-bike launches are Himiway Zebra, Himiway Cobra, Himiway Cobra Pro, and Himiway Big Dog. Let's see each other features and highlights in detail.

Himiway Zebra:
Himiway's latest premium all-terrain long-range e-bike is the Zebra. Himiway Zebra is famed exactly like zebras for its extraordinary endurance and ability to survive any predator. That's precisely what the Himiway Zebra is going to do. You'll be able to ride 80 kilometers on a single charge with an improved battery. That's longer than the competition, and it'll still be available at a reasonable price. You won't have to worry about running out of juice if you travel to work or do errands all around town with the Himiway Zebra.

Himiway's famous Zebra Step-Thru variant will be available as well. Users with limited mobility or who want a pleasant entrance point onto the e-bike will be able to get the most out of it. The Step-Thru not only provides maximum accessibility, but it also has all of the fantastic features we've added to the basic Zebra, such as the enhanced battery stated above.

It comes with 2 years of warranty, 15 days of return policy, and free shipping options as well. The Zebra e-bike features a 750W gear hub motor and an improved inner ring. You can charge the e-bike more simply with the replaceable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells. The 26-inch Kenda fat tire's shape improves grip, preventing you from skidding on the ground or sinking in mud or snow. The Zebra ebike's frame is composed of high-quality upgraded 6061 Aluminum that is both robust and durable. The Zebra ebike has an 80-mile range with pedal assist and a 60-mile range with pure electric power.

Himiway Cobra:
The Himiway Cobra ebike has a high-end mountain bike four-bar linkage suspension system and coil suspension to absorb any bumps on the route.

As the largest ebike tires on the market in the United States, the 26 "X4.8" CST super fat tires make riding more stable for all road conditions.

The Cobra ebike's frame is composed of solid 6061 aluminum, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Cobra ebike features a 750W gear hub motor with an improved inner ring.

The long-lasting Cobra battery can offer you a day of urban or mountain cycling with its automobile-level 48V 20A Samsung/LG Lithium-ion battery.

Himiway Cobra Pro:

The Himiway Cobra Pro, as its name suggests, is our most aggressive e-bike to date. This bike is rigid, with a soft tail design, a mid-drive motor, enhanced suspension, our most giant tires ever, and a long-range battery that matches the other new models. When adventure calls, the Cobra Pro is ready to strike.

Not only that but there's more! The Himiway Cobra Pro's unusual intriguing highlight is the addition of two new slayer color options for the bike frame on this model. The King Cobra is dark and sleek, and we've created our bike to be the same way.

Not to be outdone, the color in the second frame is equally impressive! The Forest Cobra, available in green and beige, will blend in well in the woodlands, forests, beaches, and wide-open desert. Regardless of the color you choose, the Himiway Cobra will turn heads everywhere you go.

The Cobra Pro is a professional double suspension system that combines a robust mountain bike four-bar linkage suspension with coil suspension. The Cobra Pro gives riding speed on your journey thanks to its Shimano 10 gear shift system. There are no boundaries to your outdoor excursions with Corba Pro powered by a 1000W Bafang high-end mid-drive motor. As the largest ebike tires on the market in the United States, the 26 "X4.8" CST super fat tires make riding more stable for all road conditions, including road, beach, snow, and mountain. On difficult roads, the thumb throttle and Tektro hydraulic brakes work well.

Himiway Big Dog:
Himiway's electric cargo bike, the Big Dog, is ideal for transporting products, equipment, deliveries, and just about anything else. Riders never run out of space with the Himiway Big Dog, which has a larger carrying capacity than our other models and space to add bags and cargo racks. The Big Dog, like the faithful companion from whom it derives its name, is always there for you when you need it. You carry groceries home, fishing gear on the rack, or all of your work-related stuff to and from the office or working location.

The BIG DOG Ebike has a 400-pound payload capacity thanks to its two Multifunctional Extra Large rear racks, making it great for hauling large items or taking your pet on a journey. The ebike's design makes it ideal for daily travel and provides a smooth and safe ride. The BIG DOG ebike has 20 "x 4" fat tires and a 750W upgraded motor, powerful enough to handle your bulky goods. The BIG DOG Ebike can travel 60 to 80 miles using car-level 48V 20A battery technology. The sophisticated pedal-assisted technology may automatically alter power according to on-road conditions.

Wrapping up:

Here are all the key highlights of the four new launches of Himiway e-bikes. These bikes are suitable for rising on almost all terrains and have high stability, durability, and endurance. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but have high performance and long ranges for riding.

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