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First-of-Its-Kind Constitutional Amendment Event for State Legislators

Co-sponsor Logos for the Academy of States 2.0

Academy of States 2.0

Leading organizations advocating amendments addressing the nation's major systemic challenges have jointly organized the Academy of States 2.0 for Dec. 1, 2021.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 26, 2021 / --

Academy of States 2, December 1, 7:00-11:15 am (PST)
First-of-Its-Kind Constitutional Amendment Event for State Legislators

At this first-of-its-kind, cross-partisan event, nearly all the nation’s leading organizations advocating constitutional amendments addressing fiscal responsibility, campaign finance or term limits have jointly organized Academy of States 2, to be held in conjunction with the ALEC 2021 States & Nation Policy Summit.

AoS2 cosponsors are American Legislative Exchange Council, American Promise, Association of Mature American Citizens, Bill of Financial Responsibilities, National Tax Limitation Committee, Path to Reform, Reason Foundation, Reagan Project, State Legislators Article V Caucus, US Term Limits, Vote Americans’ Prosperity First Amendment and Wolf-PAC.

AoS2 will be a conference of state legislators of all party affiliations, focused on the several states’ role in advancing amendments to the U.S. Constitution. All 7,400+ sitting state legislators have been invited to participate, in person in San Diego or via Zoom. Non-legislators and media may attend as observers via registration here. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants just prior to the December 1 event.

Following keynotes, organizational advocates will briefly present their case for amendments addressing fiscal responsibility, campaign finance, term limits and state delegate selection and oversight legislation. After each presentation, sitting state legislators will pose questions and comments, then participate in a recorded straw poll on each proposal.

Given the cross-partisan and pan-ideological makeup of its cosponsors, AoS2 marks a noteworthy break in the hardened partisanship, ideological animus and congressional gridlock marking domestic politics. Our goal is to inspire the states to use their constitutional powers under our federal system to address the nation’s major structural challenges.

Constitutional scholars believe that our nation is at the precipice of a fifth wave of amendments to the US Constitution, with leading initiatives focused on federal fiscal responsibility, campaign finance, congressional term limits and the balance of powers under federalism. Advocates now count 33 of the needed 34 states having adopted resolutions calling for a convention of states charged with drafting a fiscal responsibility amendment (including five with “plenary” subject resolutions), four states with single-subject term limits resolutions, 15 states with multi-subject resolutions that include term limits, five states with single-subject campaign finance resolutions and 22 states with non-binding resolutions calling upon Congress to draft a campaign finance amendment.

Academy of States cosponsors support the amending process laid out in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, such that any amendment qualifying for ratification by the States will either be drafted by Congress or by a duly formed Convention for proposing Amendments whose delegates are limited to consideration of subjects adopted by resolution of at least thirty-four states. Given the extraordinary, cross-partisan consensus required to meet the thirty-eight-state ratification threshold, Academy of States cosponsors do not oppose amendments proposed by one another.

Karla Jones for ALEC, (202) 870-4221
Jim Rubens for American Promise, (603) 359-3300

Mae James
Vote "Americans' Prosperity First" Amendment Campaign