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Government 2.0

This book uses some common sense analysis of both technological advances and people’s changing attitudes toward the role of government.

Fully understand the flow of government transactions and other optimistic approaches for a different place or State.”
— Joseph Albert Gorski

GUADALAJARA, JA, MEXICO, November 29, 2021 / -- “The prosperity and wealth of this country and the world can grow with less government intrusion
in our lives by making a type of non-violation law protecting our lives and property from
government abuses.”— Excerpt from Government 2.0 by Joseph Albert Gorski.

Author Joseph Albert Gorski will be one of the featured authors in the
upcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair 2021 with his published book title, Government
2.0. It is a book of government and politics that uses analysis of both modernization and the voice
of the people towards the role of government. Revenues, taxes, money circulation are never left
behind to help run the government, the life-blood of the government.

The author wanted the reader to fully understand the flow of government transactions and other
optimistic approaches for a different place or State.

“This is perfect for those who enjoy non-fiction that explores governments and politics, as well as
the influence big business and banks have on government agendas. It also is a great read for those
who tend not to vote or tune out politics as a whole in their lives, as it helps to showcase the faults
that lay not on one side of the aisle or another but will all sides as a whole, and how new ideas and
change can help put an end to violence and corruption.” — Tony Espinoza, Hollywood Book

Joseph Albert Gorski is a graduate of Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences with a degree
in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science. He has several books full of ideas and
concepts to help the citizens of the world.

Government 2.0
Written by: Joseph Albert Gorski
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