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Influencers To Get Stream Of BTC For Bringing More Consumers To Bitcoin

The greatest product in finance in the last 12 years has been Bitcoin by far and now thanks to DeFi smart contracts we can get it into even more people’s hands with the help of influencers”
— Rossco Paddison - SyncDAO Co-founder
TALLINN, ESTONIA, November 24, 2021 / -- PARTNERSHIP announced between SyncDAO and OCP Finance that will see Finfluencers have access to an affiliate layer wrapped into Bitcoin with the highest BTC income stream available at the moment.

Influencers. Love or hate them, follow them or cancel them, there’s no denying that influencers in social media are the driving force moving the economic needle in this digital generation. Fine-tuning our compass further, Finfluencers — the Millenial’s answer to financial advisors — have taken the crypto world by storm on the path to passive income and financial freedom.

Web3 is based on the concept of decentralisation and a key characteristic of the power of networks is interoperability, it is therefore a natural flow for projects in the DeFi space to collaborate to see how to best leverage the unique functions that each possess.

OCP Finance innovative DeFi returns on renBTC are currently returning an outstanding 21.2% APY in a safe and secure way. With audited smart contracts and fully collateralized positions this is maybe one of the best products DeFi has seen in recent months. OCP Finance enables real assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate and also Bitcoin to be used meaningfully in the DeFi ecosystem via permissionless, trust minimized, transparent, secure and automated protocols.

Coupled with SyncDAO’s affiliate layer smart contracts which are also audited, Finfluencers and influencers of all kinds will be able to refer their networks to this socially defined product and secure a percentage of that renBTC interest stream.

“The greatest product in finance in the last 12 years has been Bitcoin by far and now thanks to DeFi smart contracts we can get it into even more people’s hands with the help of influencers”, says Rossco Paddison, SyncDAO’s Co-founder.

DeFi has removed the layer of abstraction and occlusion that traditional finance erected between investors and the mechanisms of value storage, multiplication and exchange. We are now exposed to the gains possible when you remove cumbersome institutional middlemen and start to interact through a multi-tiered wealth generation model.

The question becomes how can we all implement our skill sets and areas of influence, so as to enhance the DeFi economy and in so doing, secure a stable revenue stream, which doesn’t rely solely on the rise in value of our portfolio.

“With the massive developer community engaged in Ethereum virtual machine or EVM-based DeFi and as the flag-bearer for this new wave of financial professionals, it makes sense to funnel multi chain liquidity from BTC to EVM dApps”, says Richard Jones, OCP Finance co-founder.

This leverages the proven value of Bitcoin as ‘digital gold’ in the ecosystem of innovation that Ethereum provides.

SyncDAO re-imagines how to facilitate the interaction between investor and multiple financial products such as lending / borrowing protocols and automated money markets. Abstracting the complex mechanisms and providing a single point of contact to manage this dynamic money engine. SyncDAO offers a universal top layer that anyone can access to simplify their investment model and liquidity pool operation. This kind of interoperability and resource allocation will be essential if we are to keep up with and serve the exponential uptake of crypto as a legitimate component of an investor’s portfolio and mass adoption of DeFi as a viable alternative to traditional finance.


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