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Techonomy, CDX & Worth Bring Health+Wealth Conference to New York

Techonomy, CDX & Worth today announced the physical debut of the Health+Wealth of America conference in NYC on December 16.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 / -- This in-person and virtual event will probe this moment in America, and how ingenuity, technology, and new attitudes about social responsibility are changing it.

Techonomy, CDX & Worth, the three media arms of New York-based Clarim Media, today announced the physical debut of the Health+Wealth of America conference, in New York City on December 16. These media brands have a long track record of reaching influential audiences across business as well as academia and the public and non-profit sectors.

The all-day hybrid event hosts diverse and eminent speakers, including tech expert, investor and healthcare activist Esther Dyson, Financial Times columnist and author Rana Foroohar, The Nation editor Don Guttenplan, newly-named Executive Director Amanda Leland of the Environmental Defense Fund, Betterment CEO Sarah Kirschbaum Levy, Jacquelyn Novogratz of Acumen, investor and former Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci, pollster and political expert David Shor, and author and candidate for New York State Attorney General Zephyr Teachout, among others. It aims for a holistic multidisciplinary discussion of where we stand, to explore how innovation, ingenuity, and technology are impacting the central challenges of our time – the Covid-19 pandemic, American politics and the national mood, the recession and recovery, income inequality, climate change, and climate crisis and building a resilient society. Leaders in business, tech, and the public sector will equally benefit.

Techonomy focuses on tech’s contribution to progress, CDX is all about corporate digital transformation, and Worth celebrates worthy entrepreneurship and responsible lifestyles. Said Worth Executive Editor Emily Cegielski: “As we look to the future and aim to tackle the many disparities in our country—starting with the major inequities in our health care and financial systems—technology, business and policy all must all come together to play crucial roles.”

Health+Wealth of America began as a virtual event during the pandemic, but it worked so well that these three media companies are bringing it alive in person.

“A live event in New York gives us a chance to contribute to the reinvigorated dialogue about where our country and the world are heading and help prod it in positive directions” said David Kirkpatrick, Founder, Editor in Chief of Techonomy. “We are clearly at a crossroads, in tech, politics, and global relations. Issues like healthcare, climate change, diversity and equality, and government reform are urgent and evolving issues for America and the world, and major themes of this event.”

A full list of speakers at The Health+Wealth of America:
● Alberto Casellas, Synchrony
● Esther Dyson, Way to Wellville
● Rana Foroohar, The Financial Times
● Kim Griffen, Toniic

● Don Guttenplan, The Nation
● Jesse Haines, Google
● Amanda Leland, EDF
● Sarah Kirschbaum Levy, Betterment
● Valerie McCall, City of Cleveland
● Jim McCann,
● Jacquelyn Novagratz- Acumen
● Ritesh Patel, FINN Partners
● Natalia Petrzela, The New School
● Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital
● David Shor, Blue Rose Research

The agenda for the full day includes plenary sessions in the main conference room as well as breakout sessions, designed to spark ideas, share insights, create new relationships, and help attendees better understand how America and the world are changing. The event will be held at Convene Midtown West, near Grand Central Station, from 8:30am-6pm. Breakfast and lunch will be served, with reception will follow. Registration is available in-person, and online registration is complimentary. To register, please visit registration here.

For companies interested in partnering for this event, please visit us at Partnerships.


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