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Everstt: Reviving Traditional Cookery

 Orca Pot

Orca Pot

Orca Pot

Orca Pot in campfire

Everstt introduce the Orca Pot, a 5 in 1 cast iron multi-purpose cooking pot.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 / -- Reviving Traditional Cookery: Everstt introduce the Orca Pot, a 5 in 1 cast iron multi-purpose cooking pot that will be accompanied anywhere as it's made of traditional cast iron and can be directly set on a campfire, and all food types can be cooked in it t, so that means steam, boil, fry, simmer, grill, sear, sauté, bake and even popcorn.

A major reason why traditional cast-iron cookware is making a great comeback is the health concerns associated with some nonstick coated cookware that are now known to release toxic fumes when overheated. None of these risks face cast iron, as cast iron pots provide nonstick without using chemicals when properly seasoned. It can also be heated to extremely high temperatures without any negative effects.

Orca Pot is a modern version of the traditional cast iron dutch oven accompanied with a grill lid, as it’s also a traditional pot for everyday use with a glass lid. It's also used as a frying pot when adding the fry basket, food is safely fried and hands are protected from spatters, and also a steaming pot when adding the Orca pot steaming plate with its spiral shape that distributes steam evenly to any healthy food lover out there.

As widely known cast iron needs constant maintenance to protect it from rusting, so Orca Pot is triply seasoned to be ready for instant use. The triple seasoned surface also makes it nearly non-stick.

Square-shaped cooking pots give more room to cook more food. In fact, the square shape of this pan provides 25% more cooking surface area than a typical circular pan. This means that more food can be prepared at once or have more room to move cooking utensils.

So, cast iron enthusiasts, there is no longer a need for a separate cooking pot, dutch oven, grill, or even a steaming pot because they're all in only one product.

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