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Michael Phelps’ Intersex ex launches her own company to stop stigma, discrimination and hate

Blonde female standing with a microphone smiling while speaking at a Transgender Veteran’s Dinner

Taylor Lianne Chandler at a FLUX AHF, Washington, DC event

Taylor Lianne Chandler for the last 7 years, has developed programs to fight stigma, Transphobia, and hate, things she faced as Michael Phelps’ girlfriend,.

There is no difference between white people and Black people, other than they are blessed with more melanon, and will look fabulous and younger by decades compared to white people growing older.”
— Taylor Lianne Chandler, principle- TLC Consulting & Solutions, LLC

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2021 / -- Today marks seven years since the world found out about Taylor Lianne Chandler being born Intersex, and dating the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps. She lost her career on Capital Hill as an interpreter, and went on to do a celebrity sex tape, based on her love affair with Phelps, in partnership with Vivid Entertainment. Vivid is the same company that made Kim Kardashian a household name. She appeared on TV and radio around the world. Many newspapers, magazines featured her and stories about her. After a mental breakdown and battle with Anorexia, the mental health advocate talked openly about her battle with Borderline Personality Disorder, depression and anxiety. She has since written three books, The Making of Going for the Gold, Super Bowl Surprise, TRANScestors-Volume I, and featured in a fourth book, With Pleasure. She has used her celebrity to educate people on gender, sex positivity, mental health and Black Lives Matter, specifically to LGBTQIAS2+ community, to stop hate, Transphobia, discrimination and above all stop stigma. After the Olympics ended in 2016, and the interest in her life started to fade, she reinvented her self by fully immersing her self into LGBT issues, and the absence of equity in Black communities. She speaks around the world on Civil Rights that don’t include marginalized communities. During the pandemic she worked for the longest running Black led organization in Washington, DC, Us Helping Us, Inc. as the Transgender Health Coordinator. She spearheaded a TGNC grant, Project GROWTH, a workforce development program for Trans and Gender Non-conforming community members, 18-24, homeless or at risk. Taylor has been part of marketing team for Capital Pride Alliance since 2016, she now serves on the board of directors. She is the President of FLUX AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Washington DC, their mission is raising the profile of Black and brown Trans and Non-binary people through advocacy, marketing and creating safe spaces. She is on the advisory committee of HealthHIV, she serves on the Transgender working group of the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs. Taylor has contributed as part of the leadership team for the National Trans Visibility March Washington, DC for 3 years. Her most recent position was Program Director for the very first LGBTQ Temporary Housing Program called SHINE, part of Covenant House Greater Washington, DC. The first program of its kind with Covenant House International.

Taylor has formed her own consulting agency, TLC Consulting & Solutions, LLC. Their mission is to provide diversity and inclusion training, HR solutions, LGBTQIAS2+ education in hopes of stopping discrimination, hate, Transphobia, and the killing of Black Trans women. She will continue to speak on Black equity in access to healthcare, housing and jobs, as an ambassador to the Equality Chamber of Commerce Washington, DC. She has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in DC, “Chocolate City” to make a lasting difference in the greater Washington, DC area. This Saturday she will be hosting a Transgender Day of Remembrance in partnership with Heart To Hand, Inc.

Taylor found love again in 2018 dating Matthew Meagher-Walker. He proposed during United Nations week in NYC, September of that same year. They were married June 10 of 2019, at the time he was part of the Secret Service.

Taylor has come a long way in the last seven years. She will continue to be a leader in the charge for Civil Rights for all people. She is an avid Baltimore Ravens’ fan and season ticket holder, one of the few things that survived out of her relationship with Phelps in 2014. She has no regrets and is proud of her body of work, as she often says, “There is no shame in work”.

Her immediate focus is to draw attention to the killing of Black Trans people, for us as a nation to value Black lives. She wrote, directed and produced three global PSA’s in partnership with AHF called, SEE US TRANS, promoting civil engagement at the local, state, and Federal level to show Trans people the same as everybody else. She’s excited for 2022 and all it holds for her.

Olivia Rodriguez-Nuñez, Director of Marketing
FLUX AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Washington, DC
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