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Augmented Situational Awareness is Now a Thing

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A wearable sensor platform which monitors biometric and environmental data, filters it through an AI and speaks warnings and insights using bone conduction.

In extreme circumstances your focus narrows. You no longer register minute changes in yourself or the environment. Yet it is these changes that ultimately decide if you succeed or fail.”
— Toni Sillanpaa
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, November 18, 2021 / -- Augmented Everest showcased their augmented- and collective situational awareness solution at the 10th annual World Extreme Medicine conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The device, aptly named Hubris Mk I, provides your very own little voice which warns you before potential problems turn into real dangers.

It is a sensor platform which monitors and analyzes biometric, environmental and location data and speaks data-driven insights and warnings.

The platform consists of a wireless headband, a control unit housed in a day pack and a smart stake which monitors campsite variables and provides warnings for impeding avalanches and fires.

Using state-of-the-art bone conduction technology, Hubris MK I is able to converse with the user while leaving their ears free. The user literally hears the voices inside their head.

Bone conduction functions by turning sounds into vibrations which are then transported by the bones in the human skull to the inner ear.

The user is encouraged to customize the voices. Using their own as well as those of their partner, children, mother-in-law or any other significant other makes the platform more effective.

Augmented situational awareness means that the user is never alone with potentially lethal decisions. The AI monitors pretty much every biometric variable imaginable, combines that information with environmental factors like temperature, air pressure and humidity and then warns you before the situation becomes critical.

Collective situational awareness shares those insights with the members of your team, improving both performance and safety.

Hubris Mk I requires no network connection to function and connects users inside a 1000 meter radius.

Toni Sillanpaa, the founder of Augmented Everest, was present in Edinburgh to show off the prototype device. Hubris Mk I is undergoing field testing and is set to be available to the general public by the end of 2022.

Other speakers at the conference included Tom Cruise, astronaut Victor Glover, Mike Ryan from the World Health Organization and Dame Jane Goodall.

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