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The Skill Market, a New Support Platform for Small Business Owners, Where Engagement and Involvement are Currencies

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner

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The Skill Market Live Voice Service

The Skill Market Live Voice Service

Individuals are empowered to build, establish, and grow their business using the plethora of tools, services, and resources available on the platform.

The Skill Market was designed to give small businesses a fighting chance in the marketplace by moving forward as a community, simply because there is strength in numbers.”
— Emm David
MONT BELVIEU, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2021 / -- It is exciting to launch The Skill Market, a support platform for small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and individuals, designed to positively impact bottom lines, without placing a stranglehold on operating budgets.

The creator of The Skill Market is Emm David, who as a teen entrepreneur, parlayed twenty dollars into a million-dollar business. She spent more than a decade in the corporate world at the managerial and then director level, designing and creating customer facing programs, skill training programs, and developing service experiences for the consumer. She has worked with small businesses to take them from an idea or a hustle, to viable well-structured businesses. She knows and understands what is needed and what is not readily available for small business and solo entrepreneurs.

“I created The Skill Market from an idea I had 8 years ago, when I purchased the domain name”, she said. “Many small business owners do not have the resources, or simply cannot get the capital, to really make an impact when trying to build or establish their business. Bigger businesses invariably muscle them out of the market with the sheer power of their advertising dollars. Social media is getting more and more crowded, making it increasingly difficult for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to stand out. The Skill Market was designed to give small businesses a fighting chance in the marketplace by moving forward as a community, simply because there is strength in numbers.”

The Skill Market Business Directory anchors the platform and is open to all established small businesses who would like to list, even if it is just for SEO purposes. Listing in the Directory is always free. Currently it is intended for US businesses but will be extending to include small businesses worldwide at the end of the year.

Established small businesses can avail themselves of The Skill Market's robust B2B Referral Network, to form real relationships with business peers and to increase their client/customer base.

The Skill Market platform houses everything a small business owner or solo entrepreneur needs to strategize, connect, and grow their business. The platform boasts of:
- A Business Directory
- Social Business & Consumer Network- Meet!
- Customer Interacting Services
- Business Development
- Business Consultations
- Idea Blueprinting
- Service Scheduling
- Business Development
- Business Consultations
- Website building
- Skill Market sub-domains, hosting & business email
- SEO panel
- eCommerce
- Widgets/Apps
- Job/Recruiting Board
- Learning Management System
- Consumer Marketplace
- B2B Referral Network
- Video platform
- Advertising & Marketing
- Print Ad Services
- Logo Services
- Market Automation
- Skill Market Community Fund-raising

…and more resources currently in production.

The Skill Market’s many tools, services, and resources, are affordable to everyone, even people with tiny or no budgets. Many of the resources are free, others are at much lower prices than industry standards.

The most interesting aspect of the pricing structure of The Skill Market services, is its unique “Social Sweat Equity” currency. Members can use this SSE currency (only valid at The Skill Market) to get the services they need to build their businesses. The Skill Market’s mission and singular goal is to support small business owners and individuals, not to profit off them.

A unique community where small business owners and solo entrepreneurs can build and grow their business, while individuals with a business idea are empowered to realize their dream of business ownership, through the platform support, knowledge sharing, peer expertise, business experience and a structured referral system.

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