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MintAir, Skyworks Aeronautics, Lotte Corporation, Lotte Rental & Mobius.Energy will bring air mobility to Incheon, Korea

Songdo Central Park in Incheon Metropolitan City | Photo Credit: Incheon Tourism Organization

The consortium will conduct component tests and test flights of Skyworks’ eGyro™ electric aircraft in 2022-2023

LOTTE Group, including LOTTE Rental, will invest relevant resources and capabilities to successfully carry out this demonstration project with the Consortium, IAIAC and Incheon Metropolitan City”
— Dong-woo Lee, LOTTE Corp.’s Chief Executive Officer
INCHEON METROPOLITAN CITY, SOUTH KOREA, November 16, 2021 / -- The Consortium intends to establish a vibrant runway independent electric air mobility passenger and cargo movement capability, including all necessary certification and infrastructure development to support flight testing and the commercial launch of the eGyro™ UAM service in the lncheon region. Additionally, the Consortium intends to develop a pilot training program as well as maintenance and repair capabilities in the lncheon region to support efficient, scalable operations across the peninsula.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Skyworks and our partners, Lotte Rental, Lotte Corporation, Mobius.Energy and MintAir, to partner with a leading city in South Korea with a very progressive and comprehensive vision for establishing a future of electrified UAM aircraft,” said John E. Michel, Skyworks Aeronautics CEO. “Our goal is to be the first in the world to demonstrate compelling UAM capabilities with eGyro flights for the maximum range with full payload within the country of Korea. It is ambitious and exhilarating and we have just the team to achieve this notable endeavor,” Michel added.

“Demonstrating maximum range flight with full payload is an important milestone for aviation certification of electric aircraft and commercial deployment of UAM service. Being the first to prove the maximum range flight capability will be a game changer” said Jongwon “JP” Park, Mobius.Energy’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“We are excited to partner with an innovative Incheon Metropolitan City, where the world class Incheon International Airport is located; the Institute for Aerospace Industry-Academia Collaboration (IAIAC) who is building a vibrant UAM ecosystem in Korea; and Lotte Corporation and Lotte Rental who will bring resources and experience of a large global corporation. We are confident that these partnerships will accelerate commercial deployment of UAM service in Korea,” stated Eugene Choi, MintAir’s Chief Executive Officer.

“LOTTE Group’s long-term vision includes leadership in a low carbon future including the eco-friendly mobility industry. Under this vision, we have joined the Consortium to prepare for the upcoming era of UAM. LOTTE Group, including LOTTE Rental, will invest relevant resources and capabilities to successfully carry out this demonstration project with the Consortium, IAIAC and Incheon Metropolitan City.” Said Dong-woo Lee, LOTTE Corp.’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Lotte Rental is a leading company in Korea's ground mobility-based living platform service. Lotte Rental will establish a mobility ecosystem that leads the global market through organic connection with UAM and ground mobility services. We are excited to partner with global leaders on this important initiative developing the UAM industry.” Said Hyun-soo Kim, LOTTE RENTAL’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Incheon Metropolitan City welcomes the consortium to Incheon region for eGyro demonstration flight and commercialization of UAM service. The city is open to UAM business and will support industry efforts interested in partnering with Incheon,” stated Mr. Nam-choon Park, the Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City. “Institute for Aerospace Industry-Academia Collaboration (IAIAC) is currently developing substantiation platform based on 3D Digital Twin to establish ‘UAM Substantiation City Incheon.’ We expect that this platform will not only support commercial viability of UAM companies such as this Consortium, but also effectively support policymakers' decision-making,” stated Dr. Chang-Kyung Ryoo, President of IAIAC.

About MintAir
MintAir is building an UAM Service in South Korea. MintAir’s approach is to facilitate an ecosystem of partners to accelerate the adoption of electric flight in Korea. A former global engineering part manufacturing company, MintAir will take advantage of its global business experience and network to accelerate the development of the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem in Asia-Pacific region.

About LOTTE Corporation
LOTTE Corporation is a holding company of LOTTE Group, based in Seoul, Korea. LOTTE Group was formally established in 1967 and has since grown to become Korea’s fifth-biggest conglomerate encompassing four key business areas including Food & Beverage, Retail, Chemical, Hotel & Service with more than 90 affiliates. LOTTE Group is in over 30 countries around the world.

About LOTTE Rental
LOTTE Rental is the Number one supplier of vehicle rental in South Korea, and its main goal is to become a leading provider of mobility solutions and full range rental services. In order to achieve this goal, LOTTE Rental plans to develop a platform that offers comprehensive, convenient and flexible use of mobility and rental assets. Such mission can be driven by utilizing customer data that LOTTE Group already possess, which includes the data of 40 million LOTTE members and customers.

About Skyworks Aeronautics
Skyworks is the world leader in the science and technology of gyronautics, focusing on the design and development of high-performance gyroplanes. With over 40 patents and several more on the way, Skyworks gyroplanes provide more affordable, safer, and higher performance alternatives for runway-independent aircraft.

About Mobius.Energy
Mobius.Energy (“Mobius”) has developed a safe, high-power, and energy-dense battery module optimized for electric aircrafts. Mobius’ battery has market leading high discharge rate that provides the power boost during the take-off and landing. Its high charge rate enables fast charging. Its streamlined design facilitates easy maintenance, on-site swapping, and cost-effective re-use and recycling. Mobius will deliver its modules through a subscription model.

About Incheon Metropolitan City
Located in the heart of Northeast Asia, a region that constitutes one-fifth of the world's economy, Incheon's old city center has a thriving and competitive industrial sector, whereas the Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) is quickly becoming an important new growth engine for the Korean economy. Incheon prides itself on its unique infrastructure and logistics/transportation systems, including Incheon International Airport and Incheon Harbor. In collaboration with Incheon International Airport, Incheon Metropolitan City is striving to develop UAM system connecting airport to the city.

About Institute for Aerospace Industry-Academia Collaboration (IAIAC)
IAIAC was established in 2016 as a nonprofit organization by partnership between Incheon Metropolitan City and InhaUniversity funded by Ministry of Industry. Its mission is to promote aerospace industry in Incheon region through academic industry collaboration. IAIAC provides workforce training, research and testing equipment sharing, startup acceleration, and certification support. IAIAC’s top priority is promoting urban air mobility (UAM) ecosystem in the Incheon region.

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