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Celebrity Hairstylist, Sean James, Examines How He Created Dylan and Cole Sprouse's Hairstyle

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- Men's hair trends. What are the current men's hair trends?
"The most asked for haircut in my chair at the salon has been the Cole Sprouse. When I bleached Dylan Sprouse’s hair I got a lot of guys coming in for the bleached look."

How did Cole's hair become the look of the Tik Tok Generation? How did you come up with the look for Cole Sprouse’s hair?
"When I first discussed the look with both Dylan and Cole, I sent them a text with an old picture of Leonardo Dicaprio and a picture of Brad Pitt when they were about the same age in their early 20s. I told them it was my vision for their hair to echo back in to the acting world and asked them what they thought? it was time for a leading man look, after all Clark Gable really was the leading man that popularized the look there’s also an element of James Dean that Cole really puts into the look, it’s an attitude. It’s charisma. He’s always had I’d it since he was a kid. It’s a welcoming sense of awareness. Dylan has a completely different version of exactly the same thing, they are both so smart and are accomplished in photography and geology. Dylan and Cole had just finished going to NYU and had been growing their hair out without cutting it, I loved it long as well. Dylan shot a movie with the long hair; I think they both wear any hairstyle well. They came in to Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica (now Matthew Preece salon) and we gave it a good chop.

"Cole's haircut has become really popular since day one of the show Riverdale, his brooding character Jughead Jones has black hair (which has slowly migrated into a dark brown). For guys with dark hair, I get messages from guys from Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and all around the world asking me for what to ask for when they go to the hairstylist /barber shop? I always recommend they take a trip to LA and come visit me but if they can’t, then take a picture of your favorite Cole or Dylan look, and show it to them, and ask for the Dylan Sprouse, or the Cole Sprouse haircut."

How do I style my hair to look like Cole Sprouse?
"The key to styling hair is a good blow-dryer. You can go to Fhiheat get the EPG global dryer or one that suites your budget best and find the one best suited to you. If you have fine hair spray, FHI heat Stylus hair cares “high altitude “at the roots and with you UNBRUSH from FHIheat lift at the roots and blow-dry back. Keep blow drying until you get the lift and direction you need work with whatever side your hair looks best on. Then with a fingernail of Bumble and bumbles Sumotech, grooming paste, or both depending on how thick your hair is. Spread evenly in your palms, now polish your hair with your palms until it’s spread evenly. Let it flop around and move it from side to side depending on your preference."

What defines Cole Sprouse’s look?
"Cole's look really is defined by the disconnected long Fringe in the front. I was really inspired by the emo characters of the 80s; there is an element of Morrissey and of course I’m heavily influenced in my cutting technique from my education with Vidal Sasson. Vertical layers in the back are left on the longer sides, other people have cut Cole’s hair for different productions. But if you want the original, book in with Sean James at Matthew Preece salon In Santa Monica, CA. Call at 310 90774022.

"This was just recent, I had to strip out the black from Cole’s hair and take it to a lighter color for a project he did on his break Riverdale, the guys are always working they have an amazing work ethic. At Matthew Preece salon after I lightened Dylan’s hair for an upcoming project."

How To get Cole Sprouse’s hair?
"The defining character of Cole’s iconic jughead look is the long fringe, underneath it’s disconnected from the sides. The Sprouse Bros fans are amazing at coming up with great art. I love this account they are really talented and this post showing the long haircuts that I created for them heavily influenced by 70s men's cuts I loved."

Who cuts Dylan and Cole Sprouse's hair? Sean James cuts Dylan and Cole’s hair.
"This was the first version of what is their now iconic cut. It was very much influenced by the Vidal Sassoon firefly haircut. There’s an element of the classic Vidal Sasson “firefly “that inspired the look. I love the wedge of this cut; it was super 90s influence in men's and women’s hair. It’s a great unisex cut and somewhat ambiguous. Although Cole boosts a more tough look when he wears it here in the black t shirt.

"We did so many campaigns including “Danimals“ and “Got milk". Who cut Dylan and Cole Sprouse's hair on suite life of Zack and Cody? Sean James from Fred Segal salon (now Matthew Preece Salon) did. I first started doing their hair on “Suite life of Zack and Cody", "Suite life on Deck", and the promos for their movies and books. Dylan and Cole have always had iconic hair, I used to highlight and cut their hair when they were studying on set, I’d drive up to the "Suite Life" set at Hollywood center studios and do their hair. Every kid wanted their hair like theirs, even Justin Bieber. Still to this day because of reruns I get parents bringing their kids in for their cuts."

What's next for Sean James?
"Now that he has just finished his world tour doing Jamie lee Curtis doing Press for Halloween Kills, he is working with Chris Hardwick on “The Wall" and “Talking Dead “on AMC doing hair and makeup and can be found at Matthew Preece Salon by request, where he also does many iconic hairstyles including Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy, Rufus Wainwright, and Lisa Loeb. Sean is currently working on a project with a musician/actor entertainer with one of the most iconic hairstyles in the world, Weird Al Yankovic, which will be seen in 2020."

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