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SHOPKHOJ provides an easy comprehensive guide to understanding the rich heritage of Fabrics and Textiles of India



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Zardozi Embroidery

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The fascinating world of multilayered and multifaceted Indian Textiles

DELHI, INDIA, November 18, 2021 / -- India is known around the world for its heritage textiles and fabrics – from its rich vibrant silks to block print designs on the softest cotton and muslin, and everything in between. Navigating this vast and fascinating world can send one through multiple rabbit holes, making it hard to know where to begin and stop. takes customers on a journey to better understand this world by providing with an easy and comprehensive guide to all things textiles and fabrics of India.

Any discussion of fabric/textiles is incomplete without recognising the contributions of the Indian subcontinent. In fact, the Victoria and Albert India festival of 2015 was the first major exhibition to explore the world of handmade textiles from India, spanning from the 3rd century to present day. What sets Indian textiles apart is the multilayered and multifaceted richness and diversity of what it encompasses. From modern fabrics and prints to unique traditional offerings from indigenous tribal communities, there’s a wealth of riches to explore. In addition, each of the 28 states boast their own special designs on fabrics and workmanship evocative of that region. For example, Kanjeevaram Silks is from the town of Kancheepuram and Kantha Embroidery ( a simple embroidery technique popular in the states of West Bengal and Odisha in India.

Several towns and villages in India have skilled craftspeople who continue to work on weaving, dyeing and printing on fabrics. A lot of emphasis is placed on these skills being passed down through the generations and hence a lot of these skills have not died out. Royal patronage during the Mughal period gave an impetus to the textile industry to flourish – from commissioning elaborate silk costumes as well as the introduction of rich embroidery with gold and silver threads adding an element of luxury to Indian textiles.

Understanding this rich diversity of India is hard enough, much less knowing what to choose to buy and where to find the different offerings. Shopkhoj relieves this burden by providing a comprehensive and easy guide. Explore the diversity of Silk sarees as Shopkhoj takes one on a journey from the east – Muga sarees from Assam known for their golden colour – to the south – Kanjeevaram silks known for their gold thread work – and other regions of India. Apart from silk sarees, learn about different handwoven work on sarees. For example explore Garchola sarees – literally meaning home(ghar) cloth(chola) – here (

While sarees are associated with traditional Indian dress, India has a rich history of handwoven, hand embroidered, and hand dyeing work as well. Chikankari is a unique embroidery pattern done with white threads on pastel cotton fabrics. This is popular in the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Mirror work, which is famous in Gujarat has intricate mirrors (mica from the sand dunes) stitched on to the cloth. This type of embroidery is used in dresses, bags and footwear. Ikaat ( Patola, leheriya and bandhini are a variety of tie-dye methods on fabrics in distinct designs.

The above is just a taste of what is available through SHOPKHOJ on textiles ( While it is fascinating and exciting to learn about all this rich heritage and the vastness of different offerings, knowing where to find some of these treasures can be a daunting task. Luckily has done the research to not only provide this information and background, but also give information on where to find them. As an example, Kantha embroidery work on sarees, quilts, etc. are available at Kolkata at Darbari, Weavers studio, RMGC Basak, Sanskriti, Sash and in Bangalore Yuvathy. Or learn about Pitta work (flattened embroidery) – - and where to find this work in Delhi (Frontier Raas, UM Moolchand) or in Chennai (Kay, Moksha).

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