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Lifeboost Coffee’s Starfish Initiative Means To Make a Difference, One Coffee Enthusiast at a Time

 Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee’s “Starfish Initiative” means to make a difference in the world, one loyal customer at a time!

UNITED STATES, November 11, 2021 / -- Lifeboost Coffee has officially launched its Starfish Initiative, effective immediately for loyal subscribers! Lifeboost Coffee’s subscription services deliver premium, low-acid coffee straight to the doors of customers at a fraction of the cost. And, from this point forward, thanks to the Starfish Initiative, Lifeboost Coffee subscribers may find themselves receiving a hidden surprise along with their regular coffee order.

The Starfish Initiative was inspired by The Starfish Story by Loren Eiseley, according to CEO, Dr Charles Livingston. “In the story, an old man walks on the beach and spots a young boy tossing starfishes further back into the surf – as an effort to save their lives before the tide goes out and leaves them to die out of the water,” “Dr Charles” explains. “The old man went up to the boy and said something like, ‘You know, there’s hundreds of starfish here and miles and miles of beach… You can’t make any difference.’ “And the boy, well, the boy looks at him, bends over to pick up another starfish, tosses it far into the surf, and then he says, ‘I made a difference to that one.’”

To match the message of the story, Lifeboost Coffee means to offer monetary assistance to a select number of people every month, starting with Lifeboost Coffee’s most beloved subscribers. “For this initiative, we plan to give away about $5,000 every month to random people who have signed up for one of our Lifeboost Subscription Plans. The plan is to send out about 50 different ‘Starfish’ envelopes per month that are valued between anything from $20 to a thousand dollars,” CEO, Dr Charles explains. “In this way, we know, just like that boy in the story — even if we’re not quite at the level to clear out the entirety of the ‘beach’ yet, so to speak — that we’ve made a difference to the life of (or even just put a smile on) the people that help keep us running.”
The Starfish Initiative is just one of the latest in Lifeboost Coffee’s efforts to help the thriving Lifeboost Coffee community, according to Dr Charles. “We have every intention of finding ways to give back whenever we can.”

In accordance with this, there’s another up-and-coming Lifeboost Coffee initiative in the works to add to Lifeboost’s growing philanthropic activities. This one, with the intention of offering support to over a dozen African charities.

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