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KYAN Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Data on Novel HDACi Targeting KRAS-mutated Cancers at AACR-KCA Conference

First in class, selective Class II HDAC inhibitor shows combinatorial effect against KRAS mutations in prostate and pancreatic cancer

SINGAPORE, November 11, 2021 / -- KYAN Therapeutics Inc., a frontier biotech company with a novel drug-dose combination optimization platform, Optim.AI, presented data today from pre-clinical research on its novel HDAC inhibitor, KYAN-001, in an E-poster at the AACR-KCA Joint Conference on Precision Medicine in Solid Tumors, held in-person and virtually on November 11-12, 2021.

The study highlighted the identification of effective combination therapies with KYAN-001, a first-in-class histone deacetylase (HDAC) 4/6 inhibitor, against prostate and pancreatic cell lines and patient-derived organoids, including KRAS-mutant lines.

Harnessing Optim.AI, the study demonstrated the synergism between HDAC and MEK inhibition on solid tumors. Additionally, the combinations found were unique for each cell line with different subtypes of KRAS mutation, underscoring the utility of Optim.AI in precision medicine and drug prioritization for the same class of drugs.

KRAS mutations occurs in over 90% of pancreatic cancer, with a 40% prevalence of the G12D subtype. With the only FDA approved KRAS inhibitor and like drugs in development targeting the G12C subtype, which has only a 2% frequency in pancreatic cancer, KYAN-001 shows strong promise as a therapeutic candidate. Moving forward, Optim.AI analysis will be conducted for KYAN-001 on other cancer models with KRAS mutational background as well as patient samples, to evaluate the clinical relevance of KYAN-001 based combinations.

Details related to the poster presentation are as follows:

Title: Identification of therapeutic drug combinations targeting KRAS
First Author: Masturah Bte Mohd Abdul Rashid
Abstract Number: P115

About KYAN
KYAN is a biotechnology company providing truly personalized solutions to improve treatment outcome to cancer patients. From preclinical drug development to personalized medicine, KYAN offers powerful solutions with its optimization of drug-dose combinations. Our novel approach employs efficient experiments and relevant, real-time data to drive its computational core. KYAN has identified safe and effective therapies in various cancers. An assay deployed by KYAN in clinical studies has successfully personalized therapies for 70 lymphoma patients who failed multiple lines of treatment. Our technology and platforms were developed in collaboration with UCLA and the National University of Singapore. KYAN is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Singapore.

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