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Editorial Boards Across the Country Support the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Last week, a bipartisan coalition in the House passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, an essential part of President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ Build Back Better Agenda that will repair and expand our nation’s infrastructure, create good-paying jobs, tackle the climate crisis, and grow economic opportunity for American businesses, workers, and families. Here’s a look at what Editorial Boards across the country have to say about what the infrastructure bill will do for their communities:

The Tampa Bay Times: How the new infrastructure bill will boost Florida  

“The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill is now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk, having passed the House late Friday night. ‘Infrastructure’ isn’t a word that rolls easily off the tongue, but it’s not an abstraction. It’s real stuff: roads, bridges, airports, the electric power grid and, yes, internet service. And a lot of money is flowing to Florida.”

“Although some wrongly claim otherwise, high-speed internet is ‘infrastructure,’ too. And this bill will allocate at least $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across Florida.”

“As for the House late Friday night, 13 Republicans — none from Florida — joined with Democrats to pass the bill 228-206…Sometimes, it takes money to make money, and the bill will finance actual things that will have tangible effects on Floridians.” [11/9/21]  

Borrowing for highways, bridges, airports, ports and other physical infrastructure makes economic sense Now we must ensure that the money is well-spent on quality projects that will make an impact on our businesses and communities.”

“Besides traditional funding for highways, bridges, waterways, ports, airports, rails and public transit, the legislation provides considerable funds for expanding broadband internet availability, hardening the electric grid, increasing the resiliency of the nation to cyberattack and improving water supply infrastructure. But these latter pieces have all become part of the our economy’s backbone, and the pandemic and other recent events have highlighted these as essential needs.” [11/9/21]  

“Passage of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill by Congress last week brings a much needed infusion of cash for infrastructure needs in Ohio. Working to modernize and fix faltering roads and bridges and other hard infrastructure programs means jobs for Ohioans.” [11/9/21]  
“There’s a lot to like in the enormous physical infrastructure bill the U.S. House finally approved late Friday night. Because Illinois is the transportation hub of the United States, it stands to become a major beneficiary of the $1.2 trillion in federal spending…“These are projects that benefit all of Illinois, upstate and downstate, poor and rich, individuals and corporate giants. They’ll also provide more jobs for people in construction trades and in transportation and information technology.” [11/10/21]  
“The more than $1 trillion package passed by Congress last week is monumental…The infrastructure bill, championed by President Biden and supported by nearly all Democrats and some Republicans, will be felt in every corner of the country. It comes after decades when roads, bridges and other public infrastructure have been allowed to deteriorate and sets the table for the future.”

The infrastructure bill makes up for a lot of lost time, and provides enough funding for communities to build the things they need for a healthy future, if it is spent right: a solid transportation system that keeps pedestrians and other non-vehicle traffic in mind, public transportation that truly serves the public, affordable high-speed internet everywhere it is needed and sewage systems that keep our waterways healthy and clean.”

The infrastructure bill uses taxpayer dollars to set the conditions for prosperity. It will tangibly improve lives.[11/10/21]  

It is an investment that could no longer be postponed, because it builds the bridge to an American future that we had neglected for generations.” “Clearly, President Biden understood that when he made infrastructure a legacy-defining issue.” [11/9/21]  
“With a vote of 228-206 shortly before midnight on Nov. 5, the U.S. House enacted the largest single investment of federal resources into infrastructure projects in more than a decade.” The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is an opportunity for Pennsylvania and the nation to accomplish big things.” [11/9/21]