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Independent Film Production Company Shoot Films Not People Opening Virtual Art Exhibit to Support Social Justice

Mya Baker

Mya Baker

“I Am a Survivor: The Aftermath” explores survivors and their testimonies about healing and recovery process from experiencing gun violence

LOS ANGELES , OH, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 / -- Shoot Films Not People, the film production company and apparel brand with roots in social justice, is pleased to announce the release of a new rotating art exhibit called “I Am a Survivor: The Aftermath”. The specially curated virtual exhibition by Mya Baker displays and challenges people to expand their perspectives on gun violence and perhaps see things differently through a series of videos and photos.

The exhibit aims to give a voice to survivors Ignite and Albert Alcarez, victims of shooters, bringing to the forefront the effects of gun violence on individuals, families, children and their communities. This exhibit examines gun violence in America by focusing on the experience of survivors. The exhibition features the photography from Stephanie O’Conner and video from Zarian Hadley.

“It is essential for people to know that though the bullet has no name, the person it hits does have one,” said Baker, the Studio Head and CEO of Shoot Films Not People. “I want the public to see and experience more of these stories, with the true hope that the next time, people will not try to solve things or take their revenge by quickly grabbing a gun without thinking. The exhibit encourages people to learn to pause and literally breathe before a shooter takes an action that can be fatal, with lifelong consequences for all involved.” Baker quoted Stevie Wonder, who said, “Gun violence is real. People don't come back.”

She continued, “Effectively, our society has become almost completely desensitized around gun violence. What is different about our message is holding the experience of the survivor and those around them up to the light, because gun violence does not always end in death. We must give a voice to the people who survive the terror and the trauma. ‘I Am a Survivor’ is a rotating exhibit that will feature people from all backgrounds who, one way or another, unfortunately were in the line of fire.”

Shoot Films Not People is a production company inspired by the Rodney King verdict and Baker’s love of film. She began her film production career in 2003 and has two documentary features in distribution, “Silence” and “Afraid of Dark.”

Explained Baker, “I was paid several compliments on a hoodie that I created to honor Travon Martin as a Kickstarter perk. Last year, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I added Shoot Films Not People-branded apparel for our social justice cause. Currently, I am opening pop-ups throughout Los Angeles. Our production company has a number of products in development as we pitch projects around themes of gun violence. My online platform will inspire and promote our messages against gun violence through the brand and many other art forms.”

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