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Medical Manufacturers Heading Towards Blockchain Profits

YOUNG SOO I A licensed California Corporation

Existing company's stock portfolio on the market can not compete with corporate tokenization.”
— Mark Anthony
IRVINE, CA, US, November 10, 2021 / -- Private companies may now be ready to take on that digital portfolio. The Age of DEFI is here. The growing number of established companies since COVID-19 have revisited their long-term investment portfolios.

The question that many are discussing in the boardrooms among executives is, what does the future hold for digital currency versus traditional investing?

Globally, many stocks have become unstable against a digital mammoth that is constantly growing and expanding into the billions, company by company daily. There has been an influx of IPO corporations that are becoming more stable through the trade of cryptocurrency like never before in history, and private companies are considering tokenizing over the traditional IPO.

Recently, the giant employer, Amazon, has been moving towards a digital platform. (

Corporate tokenization appears to be the key to the future of stable profitability and longevity.

What are Some Professionals Saying?

Young Soo Inc., FINRA/RIA, is a private corporation, general partner, and wealth management firm.

Mark Anthony was recently interviewed by a major casino in California and shared with the President, Chairman, and board members how the footprint of corporate tokenization is growing rapidly.

The global facts are astonishing when reviewing the tokenization process, statistics, and facts.

"No current company stock portfolio on the market can compete with corporate tokenization." Mark Anthony

Corporate tokenization is not a fit for every company, but the executives that have explored this vertical option tend to find tokenization less time-consuming and more profitable for the future.

Some Steps to Take When Considering Tokenization:

1. Asset Choosing
2. Tokenization Strategy for the Corporation
3. Token Economics
4. Technical Pre-requisites
5. Legal Pre-requisites

Additionally, five more categories provide the road map to a private, profitable corporate token over the traditional IPO's.

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