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Methanol Institute to Host November 18 Webinar - Fit for 55: Power-to-X in Europe's Energy Transition

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 3, 2021 / -- The Methanol Institute is hosting a webinar titled Fit for 55: Power-to-X in Europe´s Energy Transition. The webinar will feature speakers from the eFuel Alliance, Liquid Wind, and CEFIC. They will elaborate on the implications of the Fit for 55 package for the production of fuels and chemicals sourced from renewable electricity (RFNBOs) and their allotted role in the energy transition of industry and mobility.

The 13 policy initiatives collectively labeled “The Fit for 55 Package” tabled by the European Commission this summer mark the Union’s path towards climate neutrality by 2050. In recognizing that climate progress is contingent upon the rapid integration of renewables into mobility and industry, the Commission’s proposals aim to elucidate the regulatory landscape pertaining to production and market use of Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBO). Webinar speakers will interpret these policies and give their views on the direction taken by EU legislators on the role of RFNBO critical to the energy transition of the bloc.

To attain its climate objectives, the European Union has set mandates which represent a gap in supply for millions of tons of renewable and low-carbon fuels moving forward to 2050. Full-scale integration of alternative fuels across mobility segments, complimentary to direct electrification, is the only resort to fill the gap. The Fit for 55 package aims to affirm the status of RFNBOs in mobility and industry, create market conditions for their use as a feedstock for the production of sustainable chemicals and as an energy carrier, and address controversies surrounding the validation of their renewable character. But to what extent is the Fit for 55 package successful in obtaining its objectives? Should RFNBOs be reserved solely to propel ships and aircraft? Does the regulatory framework enable European RFNBO production or impede it? Will chemical producers be rewarded for sourcing RFNBOs? This and more in the Fit for 55: Power-to-X in Europe´s Energy Transition webinar, second in a series of three webinar on the Fit for 55 package hosted by the Methanol Institute.

Join the webinar on, November 18th to find out more about how methanol is increasingly becoming a diesel substitute. To register for this complementary webinar, please click HERE.

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