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ICO and Airdrop of Puzzle Coin PUZL NFT

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention Airdrops 100k Tokens

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, November 1, 2021 / -- The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is proud to announce the initial coin offering (ICO) of Puzzle Coin (PUZL), a NFT Token on Opensea.

PUZL is meant to become the official Token of the jigsaw puzzle industry.

PUZL coin is a ERC-20 (Etherium) Token created on the Polygon (Ticker: MATIC) Blockchain. The JPiC Marketplace intends to become the world leading platform to buy, sell, distribute and exchange jigsaw puzzles and related articles around the globe, and use Puzzle Coin as its official currency.

Alexandre Ouaknine, co-founder & CTO of JPiC stated; “Puzzle Coin creates a store of value when it comes to your spending budget on jigsaws. As the value of the coin increases over time, so does your buying power to spend on jigsaw puzzles. You can hold puzzle coin as a currency to buy jigsaw puzzles, or as an investment.”

JPiC intends to burn 2.5% of the amount of each sale to reduce the number of coins in circulation. Only 1 million Puzzle Coin tokens have been minted. Alexandre further commented; “This is a relatively low number considering that the jigsaw puzzle industry is worth $750 million dollars annually. The demand will outpace the offer rapidly and along with the burn, will make the value of the token multiply exponentially.”

When asked about the benefits for jigsaw puzzle companies, the company states that this will resolve payment issues with international clients. No more barriers to selling to Africa, China, or Russia because they cannot use credit cards. Everybody can do their business with Puzzle Coin and companies get access to previously untapped markets.

Another benefit of the PUZL Token is that companies can decide to hold on to them until the value increases, thus making increased profits.
This completely changes the parameters when it comes to the known fact that profit margins on jigsaw puzzles are relatively low.

The JPiC website mentions that “With Puzzle Coin, increasing your sales and volume to make a decent living is not the only way to generate more wealth anymore.”

The ICO, or initial coin offering, gives you the opportunity to buy PUZL Token at the cost of 0.0005 Etherium ($2.00). You can buy as little as you want or up to 50.000 Tokens which is the maximum number of Tokens offered at this price.

The Private sale price will be of $4.00 each and limited to 100.000 Tokens.

The public sale will start at $10.00 per coin.

Buy Puzzle Coin on Opensea


JPiC further announced that they will Airdrop 1 PUZL Token to each visitor (up to 100.000) at the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention taking place in Las Vegas next summer.

Alexandre commented, “JPiC will buy each Token at $10 a piece on Opensea and Airdrop them to people attending the convention. This will be verifiable on the blockchain and be completely transparent. This will instantly put 100.000 active Puzzle Coin infused wallets on the market.”

The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is set to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on July 8, 9 and 10, 2022. Please visit the Las Vegas convention centre event calendar for further details.

JPiC has also reserved 500 rooms at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas for the guests and delegates at the special rate of $139 per night. The hotel is located across the street from the Convention Center.

Book a room at the Renaissance:

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