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Car dealers are being paid to list cars for sale by this startup

Demand for cars is so great that one new startup is paying car dealerships to list cars for sale on their web app platform.

As a new startup in the free ads space we need to invest in populating our site with genuine cars for sale and one way is to reach out and pay dealers.”
— Anthony Todd (Founder)
ENGLISH HARBOUR, ST. PAULS, ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA, November 2, 2021 / -- Pre-owned or used cars are in even stronger demand than previous years because of a shortage of supply of new car models. The reasons for the supply shortage are bottlenecks in factory production, especially of computer chips, and shipping. To add to the demand is covid19 related buyer savings usually spent in bars, clubs and restaurants. More cash chasing fewer deals.

A new startup in the p2p, b2c car-for-sale classifieds ad market is taking a novel approach to list dealer cars for online buyers. DriveFreedom Classifieds is paying car dealerships to list cars for sale on their web app platform. DriveFreedom Classifieds, at, needs hundreds of cars for customers in numerous cities and is willing to pay car dealers to take out free ads. Car dealers are paid US $ 5.00 a car-for-sale listing and the startup suggests the payment is to help offset staff costs for small dealers or can be used to raise money for charities like car clubs. No restrictions are placed on the how the dealers use the money, which is paid via PayPal to participating dealers.

This is a complete turnaround in an industry where dealers typically pay for listings. Questions remain: Will it catch on? Is it a gimmick? Is it a viable business practice? Founder Anthony Todd explains the decision: "As a new startup in the free ads space we need to invest in populating our site with genuine cars for sale and one way is to reach out and pay dealers. Obviously this is a short term offer to get hundreds of cars for sale in selected cities in 2021."

DriveFreedom Classifieds is a free ad platform for cars-for-sale, that never charges success fees. After a free trial of two months sellers can buy low cost monthly promoted listings and subscriptions. However for a selected bunch of dealerships the ads are not only free, but the dealers get paid for their input. In addition DriveFreedom will market selected cars-for-sale in targeted social media boosts on Facebook and other platforms. Each car has it's own unique web page url, and id number (UID#) allowing for easy social sharing.

"We want to prove our value to car dealer partners by providing direct sales leads to free ad listings without any conditions. We believe that when dealers sell cars through listings on DriveFreeedom they will be prepared to return the favour and pay for promoted listings in the future. As the newbie we hope small dealers will give us a chance to funnel leads", says Anthony Todd, Founder.

Features include direct calls and chat messaging
DriveFreedom Classifieds is rich in features including one-page search, swipe, lists, maps, comments, direct phone calls and chat messaging for members. The platform has a clear photo policy and YouTube or Vimeo videos can be added. The site is moderated to combat fraud and grow a clean community. No download is required. Place ads at

To manage payments dealers must apply for the offer on the DriveFreedom blog at https// While all cities will be considered the current prime marketing targets of DriveFreedom Classifieds are The Great Lakes Region USA, Florida and the West Indies. DriveFreedom Classifieds reserves the right to limit the number of cars per city and car dealership to affordable levels. Only car dealers who apply in the form will be considered for payment. If you don’t want to wait, the money is insignificant or you are not a dealer you can still place free ads at If the scheme is not legal in your city the offer is invalid.

DriveFreedom Classifieds offers incentives like the Sweepstakes Prizes to individuals and dealers. If you apply for a payment under the US $5 per car deal you will not be eligible for any other prize. If you prefer to win up to US$ 1,000 simply do not apply for the deal and take your chances in the Sweepstakes or other current offers. Payment will take place 30 days after the last of the agreed listings is placed for free. Payment will be by PayPal. All that is required is a PayPal account and that you send DriveFreedom an invoice when requested. The receiving party will pay transfer fees.

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