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MR News 24 - The E-News Website Is Recently Released By MD Nadim Mostaq Eman

MD Nadim Mostaq Eman

MR News 24

On October 7, 2021, Nadim developed an E-Newspaper website called MR News 24. It is not designed for a specific country but for publishing international news.

I am very proud of myself for being able to give people an international e-newspaper website. I want human love.”
— MD Nadim Mostaq Eman
PABNA, BD, BANGLADESH, October 9, 2021 / -- How many things happen in the world every day. It is possible for everyone to know some of these and no one can know some things. News media is the main medium to know all the issues. It is possible to know the events of any country or area from social media or any newspaper. We get to know the news from one country to another because of the existence of newspapers. In today's world no one wants to read a newspaper. Thousands of e-newspapers are being created according to the fact that everyone now prefers to stay connected with the internet.

With these issues in mind, MD Nadim Mostaq Eman has created a new e-newspaper called MR News 24. Although at present there is no shortage of e-newspapers. Nadim has developed his website on his own merits, on his own responsibility. Nadim is a musician. In addition to this, he is also quite skilled in web development. This newspaper has been created with some common categories. All kinds of international news can be found here. Sports are everyone's favorite now. Updated news of various sports including cricket and football can be found on this website. The website is very nice. Rss feed has been added to the website, the news of this e-newspaper can be found in any news search on Google News. The home page of the website is very nicely arranged. Anyone can easily read the news here.

This website is made entirely in English. Since the website is made from Bangladesh, there is an extra category for Bangladesh News, Bangladeshis can only go to Bangladesh News category to read their own country's news. Besides, website developer Mohammad Nadeem said that in a few days he will create an e-newspaper in Bengali for the convenience of Bangladeshis to read. Here is another category for International Random News. There are other categories that can be seen by visiting the website.

All in all it is a beautiful creative e-newspaper website. Here are the daily updated news. Updated news, immediate news, press releases, all kinds of news can be found here. Nadeem has done very well by creating such an e-newspaper. Newspapers are needed to cover as many events as possible in the modern age. E-newspapers are very important to meet this need. As the e-newspaper is new, no Twitter or Facebook page has been seen yet. It is now limited to websites only. Hopefully soon we will see its Facebook, Twitter page. You must visit the newspaper to get the daily updated corona virus or sports or any international news first.

Farhana Islam Mim