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One in four species at risk.

One in four species at risk.

Billion Man March, Oct 2nd, 7 p.m. Journalists, Producers, Drive Time D. J’s, Environment-Nature- Bloggers- Influencers- Public Affairs- News -Talk Radio.

We are much further along in the Climate Crisis than most realize. The U.N. must treat this climate emergency with the urgent, unprecedented action it requires to avoid the worst case scenarios !”
— C.S Goldsmith
LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 / -- The U. N.’s Conference on Climate Change meets in Scotland on Nov. 2nd, the twenty first such meeting since Kyoto accord, in 1997, and still, they have no definitive plan in place to deal with dangerous climate change in any time frame that would make a difference.

The Billion Man March is planned for Oct 2nd, one month ahead of the U.N. meeting. People from around the world will go outside in their neighborhoods and shine phone lights, flashlights and candles into the night sky and send a collective message to the world’s leaders; enough talk, it’s now time to act decisively to mitigate the worst-case scenario of runaway global warming.

C.S Goldsmith, Author of “Uninhabitable a case for caution”, says we are much further along in the climate change pipeline than most people realize, or anyone is willing to tell them. We are currently at 469 PPM Co2 “equivalent” in the atmosphere, if you add in the other 6 greenhouse gasses. Scientists have unanimously agreed that beyond 450 PPM we substantially increase our risk of triggering the remaining nine tipping points. Tipping just one of the four major tipping points would change the world as we know it, from our bountiful friend to our adversarial foe.

We have already locked in 2 degrees Celsius or a 3.6 degrees warmer world. At 6 degrees, rice, corn and wheat will not germinate, putting billions of people at risk. We could reach that temperature by 2040 or even sooner.

15% to 37 % of the world’s species are projected to go extinct by 2050 and we ourselves could be at risk of extinction by 2070. If global temperatures continue to rise to above 8 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit, that would be outside of human being’s threshold to survive. Global Warming is an invisible, slow moving, existential threat to mankind. Left unchecked it will slowly, but surely dismantle the natural world that we depend on and have thrived in for the last 10,000 years. Our generation will live to see cascading catastrophes that could overwhelm our government’s ability to respond to them. Civilization could begin to crumble by 2050. That’s just 28 short years from now.

The Billion Man March is at 7 PM on Oct 2nd. is for everyone on Earth who cares about our fragile planet’s future, already way over stressed, overpopulated and increasingly more polluted every year. They will shine their collective beacons of hope into the sky along with their neighbors and draw a line in the sand that states beyond this point, we shall go no further. in fact, we will pivot and make a paradigm shift in the way we choose to live on this planet. We all know that no matter what legislation is enacted, it is ultimately up to us, Earth’s global citizens, to solve this problem or succumb to it. Governments will ultimately bend to the will of the fossil fuel industry that they are still subsidizing to the tune of 5.6 billion per year and will simply do much too little, way too late.

After 35 years of discussions on Climate Change, we now know better. That less is more. We must protect nature instead of subsidizing large international companies and their billionaire’s owner’s by buying their products and supporting their relentless destruction of nature, just for a quarterly profit. We must let our leaders and their U.N representatives know that they must “ACT NOW”. If they continue with business as usual, they must be prepared to accept the World Bank’s estimate of a 158 trillion dollars in losses from climate change consequences, the estimated loss of over 3 billion lives and the extinction of 15% to 37% of all the species on earth. The purpose of the Billion Man March on Oct 2nd is to Let them all know, “EXTINCTION MATTERS”!
C.S Goldsmith

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