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Weird Shrimps Unique NFT Digital Collectibles Swim on Ethereum Blockchain

Weird Shrimps

Weird Shrimps

Be Sparkle Fashion creates first NFT collection, lends support to fight children’s and women’s cancer

HOUSTON , UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 / -- Be Sparkle Fashion, a Texas-based apparel brand, today announced its first NFT project to raise money for non-profits that support children and women diagnosed with cancer. The company has decided to take an innovative approach to fundraising by joining the new NFT crypto trend. Be Sparkle is donating a portion of its Weird Shrimps NFT cryptocurrency profits to kids fighting cancer.

Weird Shrimps is a collection of 160 shrimp-themed NFTs. The project sponsored by Be Sparkle Fashion is an 8-bit, shrimp-inspired NFT collection. Keeping with the rules of NFT exclusivity, such as CryptoPunks, each Weird Shrimp image has been produced with a set of distinct traits. Some NFT shrimps are more rare and valuable than others.

“Weird Shrimps is a collection of unique digital NFTs swimming on the Ethereum Blockchain,” said the CEO of Be Sparkle Fashion, Myriam Gateault, “A total of 160 shrimps have been programmatically generated from an ocean of combinations, each with unique characteristics and different traits. The mission of the new NFT collection is to support the humble crypto community owning less than one Bitcoin. If you own less than a Bitcoin, I’m sorry to break it to you but Glassnode says you are at the very bottom of the subaquatic food chain – a humble shrimp.”

NFTs such as Bitcoin are a form of cryptocurrency. Instead of having a monetary value, holding money, the NFTs contain assets. In this case, unique shrimp NFT art with 160 Weird Shrimps are all different from each other.

Gateault explained, “A fungible token is an asset that can be exchanged on a one-for-one basis. NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied, which is ownership of the work. The market supports the validity of NFT as a good investment. For the long term, the unique 160 shrimps are a solid investment. The digital assets can appreciate over time, as the market has seen in other projects, such as @BoredApeYC @larvalabs.”

“Prices for CryptoPunks, particularly alien-themed creations, have been rocketing in 2021,” added Gateault. “CryptoPunk #7804, is a punk that sold for 12 ETH in January 2018; at that moment with a value of $15,000. On March 11, 2021 that same NFT sold for 4,200 ETH; now valued at approximately $7.57 million. It’s truly the Wild West and a great opportunity to get into the cryptocurrency and NFT markets.”

About Be Sparkle Fashion
Be Sparkle Fashion sells items for cancer patients, all made in the U.S. It specializes in beanies, chemo hats, swimsuits, boots, bandanas, headbands and facemasks. Be Sparkle supports and donates a portion of sales to nonprofit organizations leading the fight against women’s and children’s cancer. Myriam Gateault and Victor Mora founded the company during Mora’s chemotherapy treatment. To date, Be Sparkle has donated more than 2,000 fashion products to women fighting against cancer.

More information on Be Sparkle Fashion can be found at or by following the company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. For the Be Sparkle story, visit

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