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New Tom Sawyer Perspectives 10.0 Release Changes Architecture, Strengthens Performance

Perspectives 10.0 Schema Editor

The new schema editor makes it far easier to view and update the schema.

Perspectives 10.0 new REST view

In Perspectives 10.0, the new REST view provides RESTful web service methods in order to access the in-memory graph model.

Reengineered Schema Editor is a Game Changer for Developers

For Tom Sawyer Perspectives 10.0, we overhauled huge parts of our data modeling, integration, interaction, and extensibility interfaces for an increasingly dynamic and graph-centric data ecosystem.”
— Joshua Feingold, Chief Technology Officer
BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 14, 2021 / -- Tom Sawyer Software, the leader in graph and data visualization and analysis technology, announces the release of Tom Sawyer Perspectives 10.0, its most ambitious release yet. Designed with visualization application developers in mind, this powerful release features several enhancements that make analyzing data easier, faster, and more intuitive than ever before.

To begin with, integrators for Amazon Neptune, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, Neo4j, OrientDB, and Apache TinkerPop can now automatically bind query results to elements in the model. This allows users to explore the data in a graph database without creating a schema or manually defining the data bindings. Developers who need to create a custom schema can now do so using an interactive graphic schema editor. This new interface makes it far easier to view and update the schema.

The ability to select tables and views before extracting the schema from a SQL database has been added. For large databases, this greatly improves the schema extraction performance. There is also a schema code generator tool that takes a schema as input and generates a Java domain object model to support faster creation of custom application code.

A new native graph in-memory model supports fast access to related model elements without the need for lookup functions. This provides a greatly simplified way to create a drawing view from data without the need to manually define IDs for edges’ end nodes.

Developers will be thrilled by the new dynamic domain feature. Previously, rule sheets were often created for each item type in a database. Especially with graph databases, this would mean a lot of rule sheets, lots of duplication, and potentially, lots of errors. In Perspectives 10.0, domains—collections of model elements—are automatically created based on the schema and a developer can apply a single rule sheet to each one. The rule sheets can be applied in multiple places, which saves time, reduces the possibility of rule sheet duplication errors, and helps the developer think more globally when developing an effective Perspectives visualization application.

When defining an inspector view, developers can choose to include attributes dynamically at run time, explicitly select from the schema-defined attributes, or do a combination of both.

With the new TSModel REST view, it will be faster and easier to develop and run a Perspectives application. The REST view adds improved interoperability between server-side components of Perspectives and other components from either Tom Sawyer Software or a third-party.

Helpful improvements were also added to the end-user application Tom Sawyer Business Process. Users of the Execution module can attach rich text documents and links to file paths to process tasks. Users can also retrieve the direct URL of a process instance, making it much easier to share with others.

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