Closing Remarks: 2nd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2021), 2nd September 2021

We need to make partnerships & learn from other industries which've proven the hydrogen tech in other applications, such as road, rail & marine, this will likely speed-up the aviation decarbonization.”
— Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 6, 2021 / -- Hy-Hybrid Energy- UK based leading fuel cell services provider is pleased to host the 2nd series of its annual International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2021) virtually on 2nd September 2021. The event was hosted at DoubleTree By Hilton Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and was live-streamed to the registered participants for virtual attendance.

During IHAC 2021, twenty-one excellent presentations were delivered by the Panellists, discussing the use of hydrogen in aviation. The morning Plenary Speech was offered by Mr. Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) and the afternoon Keynote Speech was delivered by Mr. Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power.

In closing remarks, Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Founder & CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy stressed the need to speed-up the aviation decarbonisation by mutual collaborations and learning hydrogen tech advancements from other sectors, such as, road, rail and marine. The following key points were the part of Dr. Akhtar's concluding speech:

Fuel Cells (Propulsion, APU): PEMFC (LT, IT), SOFC (GT), power density (kW/kg, kW/L), operating conditions, thermal management.

Hydrogen Valleys/Hubs: Building hydrogen ecosystem, i.e., a complete hydrogen value chain, e.g., production, storage, process, infrastructure and use. Examples: Groningen Airport Netherland & Estonia Roadmap.

Storage, Refuelling & Infrastructure: 350 bar H2, LH2 (cooling & propulsion), Tank types (e.g., type- III, IV, V, multi-layer), composite vs. metallic tanks for LH2 storage. Infrastructure at airports vs. hydrogen capsule modules loading/unloading.

Standards & Safety: Gaseous vs. liquid hydrogen refuelling standards, e.g., refuelling time, flow rates, fuel delivery temperatures etc.

Hydrogen Powered Drones/EVTOL: Payload, range, supply chain for hydrogen.

Hydrogen Airships: Hydrogen storage onboard an airship (350 bar or less?), transportation of bulky & heavy items, e.g., tomatoes, hydrogen…

At the end of the closing speech, Dr. Akhtar extended a personal invitation to all attendees to meet-up again (hopefully, in-person) next year at the 3rd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference on 1st September 2022 in Glasgow. Finally, the conference ended by bringing the attendees (who were available and agree to participate) to the virtual stage for a group photo session to commemorate their presence at IHAC 2021.

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