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Announcing the introduction of the AEE MACH ™ 6 Hexcopter Commercial UAV

AEE Commercial UAV Mach 6

AEE Commercial UAV Mach 6

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New Commercial Drone System brings exceptional specifications and features to the Commercial Drone Industry

By incorporating long flight times while carrying 3 payloads, the AEE Mach 6 adds key benefits to wide range of critical commercial drone operations”
— Mike Kahn
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, September 7, 2021 / -- Las Vegas, Nevada/ Commercial UAV Expo Mirage Convention Center Booth #823, September 7, 2021-AEE Technology Inc a leader in commercial drone technology, today announced the introduction of its Mach 6 commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The AEE Mach ™ 6 features an amazing flight time of up to 50 minutes (depending on payload configuration), three smart payload ports including 2 smart accessory shoes (AEE ™ SAS). The AEE SAS system allows the pilot to select from many primary camera options like Dual Thermal Camera as well as adding a Megaphone and Spotlight simultaneously. Up to 13.2 lbs. of total payload capacity for the Mach 6. This allows unprecedented time and mission functionality for critical missions from Public Safety to Mapping and Survey drone operations. “By incorporating long flight times while carrying 3 payloads, the AEE Mach 6 adds key benefits to wide range of critical commercial drone operations” says Mike Kahn, AEE Chief Marketing Officer.

The AEE Mach 6 has a wide range of camera payloads configurations available from the AEE DATF Dual Thermal RGB payload to the DATE 24MP APSC Mapping Camera. Also available for the 2 accessory shoes are multiple Megaphone (PA systems) like the new AEE Super Thunderhorn ™ with sound effective range of a mile, as well as the new AEE Spotlight. Additionally, the AEE Mach 6 will be compatible with the newly announced partnership with Schiller Americas for delivery of medical life saving technology such as Schiller’s wide range of industry leading Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

Some highlights of the AEE Mach 6 include: all weather stable hexcopter design, up to 50-minute flight times, up to 13.2lbs of lift capability, up to 7-mile range, collapsible design for easy of transport, smart battery design, Millimeter Radar for collision avoidance, as well as optional RTK compatibility for precision mapping missions. The AEE Mach 6 comes bundled with AEE’s advanced ground station controller (Y12) with over 2TB of Solid-State memory on board. AEE can configure unique systems customized to fulfill a wide range of mission profiles.

Also, on display was AEE’s new Commercial Quadcopter, an updated version of the popular AEE Mach ™ 4. The Mach 4 V2 features a single integrated smart accessory shoe (AEE ™ SAS) compatible with its big brother the AEE Mach 6.

Product information and specifications can be found on AEE’s website: Product availability is slated for later this year.

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AEE Technology Inc. is based in Walnut California and an industry leader in developing, marketing, and selling professional commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. AEE is a pioneer in combining wireless audio and video transmissions with imaging and processing and intelligent control technologies and smart aircraft design for professional unmanned aerial vehicles.

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