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Donation of Roofing Materials Just Got Easier

Loading donated materials bound for Haiti

Loading donated materials bound for Haiti

Manufacturers of material goods may now have an easier way to make donations to those in need around the world.

I believe there are many business owners like me who want to do something for those in need”
— Mitchell Hentkowski

TULSA, OK, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2021 / -- Manufacturers of material goods may now have an easier way to make donations to those in need around the world. Cross Catholic Outreach, a nonprofit relief and development charity, has developed a process for handling all the details of trucking, containerizing, and moving goods through ports and customs. The received items are then distributed through a network of in-country ministry partners who distribute them where they are needed most. This process is backed up with professional monitoring and with field reports that show how every item and every dollar has been used.

Cross Catholic Outreach was formed in 2001 to streamline the ponderous process of moving donated goods out of the country and into the right hands at their destinations. Many businesses have a heart for giving but are not informed or prepared for the task. Over the years, Cross Catholic Outreach has formed a network of like-minded businesses that are experienced in different aspects of the delivery chain. Trucking, Containerizing, handling port requirements, and customs are handled by independent businesses who voluntarily cooperate with CCO. Since proper distribution and use of goods is critical to donors, it is extremely beneficial that CCO’s local ministries in Central America, the Caribbean, and other parts of the developing world are perfectly positioned to effectively use the goods in their communities.

Metal Panels Inc., one of the companies that have donated goods to the poor through Cross Catholic Outreach, was so satisfied with the process that it has made multiple donations to the charity in recent years. A manufacturer of metal roofing and siding panels, MPI would routinely scrap or recycle steel panels that were not deemed sellable. In 2016, MPI president Mitchell Hentkowski approached Cross Catholic Outreach with an idea. Why not donate roofing materials to rebuild the homes of those communities facing natural disasters?

“I believe there are many business owners like me who want to do something for those in need,” Hentkowski said, “however, the daunting task of moving materials from one’s business into distant countries is so challenging they drop the idea, certain that it can’t be done.”

So far, Metal Panels Inc. and its industry partners have shipped 24 truckloads of materials to poverty-stricken communities through Cross Catholic Outreach, and the company is considering doing even more in response to the recent Haiti earthquake.

Cross Catholic Outreach’s president, Jim Cavnar, has been working on extensive plans to support both immediate and long-term plans for Haiti’s recovery from the disaster and believes this kind of corporate support will be a game-changer.

“The destruction the earthquake created in Haiti is heartbreaking, but I’m confident we can help the country’s poor rebound from this disaster,” he said. “Cross Catholic Outreach has a lot of experience with home building and construction projects of this kind, and with the support of donors, we can repair and rebuild the houses, schools, and other structures the earthquake damaged. The more companies like Metal Panels Inc. are able to donate, the more we can achieve.”

Businesses with a heart for giving can be a part of this story too by redirecting normally recycled surplus products or materials to help thousands in need through Cross Catholic Outreach. To learn more, contact Cross Catholic Outreach through the information below:

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