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Job opportunities in UK Automotive Industry

Nelson Recruitment Services

Nelson Recruitment Services

Now is a good time to look for a job in the automotive business. Two companies, in particular, are making sure they’re creating jobs and hiring people.

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, August 25, 2021 / -- If you’re like anyone else during this time, you’ve experienced a change in your job. Whether it’s getting laid off, being put on furlough, or having to work from home, the job market has been significantly impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many companies saw their business take a toll this past year. While some are still trying to get back to the way things were before, other companies, such as the automotive business, are beginning to see an improvement.

However, some people may not want to go right back into work. The pandemic may have shifted their overall opinions on working altogether. If that’s someone like you, there is always the option to return to the workforce as a temp.

Regardless, the job market in the automotive industry is slowly but surely starting to look promising again.

Automotive Industries Are Ready to Hire

If you’re thinking about going into the automotive business, the time to do it is now. Two companies, in particular, are making sure they’re creating jobs and hiring people to take on new roles.


Nissan is one of those companies. In fact, they are setting up plans for a one-billion-dollar electric vehicle hub to be located in Sunderland. The firm says it will create 6,000 new jobs and, along with its suppliers, protect the future of the biggest car factory in Britain as vehicle production abandons diesel and petrol fuel.

The plans include the building of a battery recycling facility, an electric battery plant being constructed by Envision, a Nissan partner, and production starting on a new model of electric-only car.

Of the one billion dollars being put into the vehicle hub, Nissan distributed $423 million. This will go toward the development of a new-generation, all-electric vehicle, as well as creating 900 new jobs.

Jointly owned by Nissan, Envision constructed the first car battery plant in Europe in 2012, also located in Sunderland. The company will invest an additional $450 million into a new factory to deliver power packs to Nissan. This in turn will create another 750 positions.

The government is said to have funded the rest of the money. Overall, this investment stands to contribute 4,550 more jobs towards the supply chain.

Nissan’s plans to support the new developments in Sunderland highlight the future of the company as a strong presence in the UK automotive industry.

The UK government has previously talked with six other manufacturers about building electric car battery plants to help the car industry after its fall due to Covid-19. Nissan's commitment is a big step in preserving car manufacturing in the UK while providing jobs for people who need them.

Vauxhall Motors

Another company looking to make more jobs happen is Vauxhall Motors. They have confirmed a hundred-million-dollar investment plan which will secure thousands of jobs at both its Ellesmere Port plant and in its supply chains across the UK.

The factory will now focus on making electric vehicles, now that the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles will come into force in 2030.

Ellesmere Port will supply the company's brands for both the UK and export markets.

There are eight cars said to be produced at Ellesmere Port:
* Opel Combo-e
* Opel Combo-e Life
* Vauxhall Combo-e
* Vauxhall Combo-e Life
* Citroën e-Berlingo van
* Citroën e-Berlingo passenger car
* Peugeot e-Partner
* Peugeot e-Rifter

Vauxhall is believed to have been seeking financial help from the government to convert the factory from producing diesel and petrol vehicles to electric ones. It is rumored that there is state aid of thirty million contributed by taxpayers for this project to happen.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, recently stated that he will not disclose the exact amount given. He said, “You will appreciate we talk with lots of automotive companies; the amount of support we give is commercially sensitive and I’m not going to disclose that to you on television.”

Stellantis, Vauxhall’s parent company, says there will be support to provide carbon neutrality for the plant by the middle of this decade. The aim is to be completely self-sufficient for electricity.

There have also been talks about plans for the creation of a new UK parts distribution centre nearby.

The plant at Ellesmere Port produced its first car, the Vauxhall Viva, back in 1964. Since then, it has successfully produced many generations of that car. In total, they have built 5.2 million vehicles. From the looks of what they’re planning, there will be more to come.

Since up to 7,000 workers in the supply chain rely on the plant for their livelihoods, Vauxhall is doing everything they can to make sure their jobs remain.

Why you should consider a Temp Job

Temporary jobs are the perfect balance between wanting to work but not necessarily looking for a full new career. There are some benefits to working a temp job, rather than hiring straight on somewhere new.

These include:
* One step closer to your dream job
* Helps to develop your experience in the desired field
* Flexibility
* Chance to meet new people and acquire connections
* Meets the need for change in your work environment or overall self

When someone is looking to hire a temp worker, it’s because they need to fill a position as soon as possible. With the pandemic slowly winding down and businesses starting to reopen, a lot of people are looking to hire an abundance of staff at once.

This can be beneficial if you are someone who lost your job and are currently unemployed right now. Not only will it help get you back out there, but if you’re looking to go into a new career path, a temp job can start you in the right direction.

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