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DIY websites will soon be dead - Helium Sites is ready to step in

Helium Sites Testimonial

Atlanta-based Helium Sites fueling change for small business owners and real estate by providing work-free websites.

9 out of 10 people that attempt to build a DIY website on tools like Squarespace never finish!”
— Joe Norton, Helium Sites Co-founder
ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2021 / -- Helium Sites, an Atlanta-based website service is planning to put an end to DIY websites. Helium Sites is one of the first companies to offer work-free websites for small business owners and real estate agents. As a no-work website service, Helium Sites takes 100% of the work out designing and building a website.

The team at Helium Sites are on a mission to put an end to ugly websites. Co-founder Joe Norton explains, "9 out of 10 people that attempt to build a DIY website on tools like Squarespace never finish! The few people that finish often end up with an ugly website that's not SEO or mobile-friendly." The mission of Helium Sites is to take the work out of building a website for every small business.

With decades of software development experience, the founders of Helium Sites bring knowledge of working with major brands like Emory and Deloitte to busy entrepreneurs. They plan to equip small business owners and real estate agents with powerful tools and strategies previously reserved for much larger companies. As Terrence Jackson explains, "We enjoyed serving big companies, but we are excited to empower entrepreneurs that are starting and running small businesses by helping them look great online. On top of that, we save them countless hours and headaches of trying to build, and maybe more importantly maintain their website."

The world is marching toward a gig-economy and small business specialization. Meanwhile, small business owners, who often parallel consumer decision-making patterns, are beginning to demand something better than DIY tools like Wix and WordPress. Companies like Canva (now valued at $15B) are knocking down complicated tools from legacy giants like Photoshop. Helium Sites plans to do the same by going beyond do-it-yourself and offering a let-us-do-everything-for-you website service.

Helium Sites customer Alex Hoffspiegel may put it best when explaining, "Why would I spend thousands of dollars on a new website every few years when I can pay them to manage everything for a couple of hundred dollars a month?"

About Helium Sites
Helium Sites is the home of the no-work website for small businesses & real estate agents. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the Helium Sites Team is on a mission to end DIY websites so entrepreneurs can focus on running their business, not their website. For more information, visit

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