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The basic structure of the carbon wheelset 700C





carbon rims 700c

carbon rims 700c

The seemingly unremarkable bicycle can continue to develop for more than 200 years – carbon wheelset 700c, with countless fans and enjoy it?

This is the biggest difference in shaping the performance of different wheels. There are currently three mainstream wheel frame materials: aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and carbon-aluminum composite.”
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XIAMEN, 福建 / 福建, 中国, August 24, 2021 / -- The seemingly unremarkable bicycle can continue to develop for more than 200 years – carbon wheelset 700c, with countless fans and enjoy it? The charm may lie in the seemingly simple structure but it contains unlimited potential and possibilities. In your eyes, the thin bicycle, in fact, every small part has its own way. For example, the Chinese carbon wheels. There are many topics for each of the three large bicycle frames, wheels, and kits.

However, the most tangled part of this is probably the wheelset, which is self-evident to the bicycle, reducing air resistance, reducing pedaling force, and increasing inertia to make pedaling smooth. The basic structure of the wheelset includes three parts, the rim, the spokes, and the hub. The above are the three most basic components of a carbon wheelset. Most people think it should be right. But how do the three work together to form a perfect carbon wheelset 700C? Among bicycle parts, wheels with various materials, various frame heights, various spokes, and hub styles are regarded as one of the most difficult parts to choose. As a consumer, do you know enough about wheels in this vast sea of wheels?

The rim is almost the most important part of the entire wheel set. We always say longitudinal rigidity and lateral rigidity, but for the entire wheel set, whether it is positive or lateral rigidity, the rigidity of the rim is the rigid ceiling of the entire wheel set. Because the sacrifices made for lightweight wheels are great, which is destined that he cannot make himself a very rigid part, after all, that means a sharp increase in weight.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of rims that exist and are still in production, but the rims of the wheels used on sports bikes are almost all aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. They are light, hard, comfortable, and easy to maintain. These are all sports. What bicycles are pursuing.

Let us focus on the Carbon rims 700C.

The carbon asymmetric carbon rim does not mean that the center of the circle in our traditional understanding is asymmetric, but refers to the problem that the spoke hole is not in the center of the wheel frame, but slightly to one side, generally 2-3mm is the most common, in some heavy on the bicycle, there will also be more eccentric designs. And in general, for asymmetric rims that are not optimized, when the tires are installed on the rim, the tires are not completely in the center of the rim, but will be biased to one side.

The advantage of the offset is that it can make the drive side and non-drive side pull relatively more balanced during the process of rear wheel organization. Most high-end wheel sets will also use this method as the design of the rim.

However, the asymmetric rim is not completely free of drawbacks. Forcibly using the eccentric structure when the rim strength is insufficient will greatly reduce the life of the entire wheel set.


The hub in a bicycle refers to the drum-like object in the center of the wheelset.
The hub contains the axle and the bearing, and the pawl mechanism is the key to the transmission. It is related to the efficiency of riding and rotation, and it can be said to be the soul of the wheel. High-quality hubs are mostly made of ceramic bearings, which not only prolongs the life of the hubs, but also helps to improve rotation efficiency.

The hub is equipped with a bearing and a shaft, which is connected to the frame through the shaft. The exterior is connected to the rim through the bike bar and is the core component of the wheel set. Because it looks like a folk drum, it also has the name “Huagu”. The hub can be said to be the core of the wheel, and its lubricity greatly affects the actual rolling effect of the wheel in the process of traveling. There are various types of bicycle hubs in the market, and they are divided into different types, including iron, aluminum, titanium, and even carbon brazing. According to the spokes, there are straight-pull hubs and elbow hubs; according to the structure, there are barrel shafts and quick releases. Hubs are of different shapes and colors and sizes, but the structure is nothing more than a roller with rolling friction; a thick or thin shaft; a set of fasteners like nuts or quick-release pull rods; and a sliding between the roller and the shaft. The steel bowl and steel ball, if the bearing hub is replaced by the bearing; in addition, there is the only part of the bicycle that emits the mechanical sound of the tower base. These small things are precisely combined to form the most important transmission and load-bearing parts of the bicycle.

The hub body is the largest part of the hub. The spokes and the steel bowl are installed here to connect the chain and the rim. At the same time, it has the greatest impact on the weight of the hub. Lightweight and carbon fiber are also required. But the hub strength of the carbon fiber auxiliary materials is limited, which is only suitable for some high-end road vehicles. The different material, processing technology, and special design of the hub body determine its grade and price.

The lubricity of the ball hub is significantly improved after running in for a period of time. The polished shape can be perfectly integrated with the rider’s riding habits. The simple structure of the ball hub has obvious advantages of low cost, and it is also economical and convenient to maintain; and the bearing hub is actually also It is composed of marbles, but it is more refined and modular. For example, the four-bearing hub has bearings at multiple stress points, and the marbles have been polished or run-in beforehand, so that the initial riding experience is naturally very good.

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