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Emerge and Rise Business Incubator to Launch with Focus on Improvement of Local Economy

Yellow and Grey Logo of Emerge and Rise Business Incubator of San Antonio Texas

Emerge and Rise - Together We Can

San Antonio small businesses to receive invaluable guidance for success

Emerge and Rise is a united movement to Rise, Connect, & Build our San Antonio community.”
— Lina Rugova and John Knotts
SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, August 23, 2021 / -- Lina Rugova and John Knotts will launch a nonprofit initiative on September 10th, 2021. Emerge and Rise, a business incubator will focus on developing underrepresented, small businesses in the San Antonio area.

This foundation aims to boost the success rates of local businesses and startups by offering a 6-month membership program with access to vital resources. Starting at just $49/month, members are offered personalized counsel, entrepreneurial education, necessary resources, tools, and networking opportunities. This endeavor is undertaken with a specific desire to foster overlooked owners such as veterans, minorities, women, immigrants, and previous felons. Especially providing such services to these individuals gives them the tools needed to make positive transformations in their communities. The benefits of industry growth in these social areas include creating jobs, supporting professional diversity, reducing economic gaps, and bringing awareness of their lucrative potential to established industry leaders. In addition, by encouraging these connections, the city will see many mutually beneficial collaborations that will enhance our residents' existing qualities of determination and creativity.

"Emerge and Rise is a united movement to Rise, Connect, & Build our San Antonio community," said Rugova and Knotts, who will share operational roles within the company.

John Knotts, an Air Force retired veteran, and Lina Rugova, an immigrant from Kazakhstan, are marketing and business specialists that share an equal passion for recognizing talent and potential in the locals of the Texas area. John Knotts founded Crosscutter Enterprises in 2008 to provide businesses with the conventional scaling tools to promote growth and sustainability. Lina Rugova created the successful venture Atlas Start in 2015, a business and marketing strategy firm with an incredible track record of over 500 businesses combined that successfully flourished through their programs. By combining their efforts, they will demonstrate how these collaborations of ideas with passionate individuals can stimulate infrastructure in a very meaningful way.

To sign up for a business success membership or collaborate with us, please visit or email us at or call us at 210-880-9330.

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