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ByteScout Announces NEW Enhanced Security Features for Enterprises

ByteScout Company

ByteScout recently added enhanced security features to its API data extraction and PDF processing platform.

WILMINGTON, DE, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2021 / -- ByteScout recently enhanced security features to its API. These new features improve the experience for enterprises using the API platform for data extraction and PDF processing. Enterprise application security today involves more than a two-faceted security protocol but rather a set of security features that integrate for optimum data processing security tracking. 


A modern cloud platform has a variety of diverse security measures. ByteScout is continuing to add Enterprise features to improve platform security:

Enforced use of SSL protocol for data transfers;
Encryption of data stored on a cloud platform;
Use of world-leading cloud servers at Amazon AWS facilities;
Optional AllowList to set up the list of IP addresses and IP address ranges allowed to access API and platform UI (user interface);
Enhanced logs for API calls stored for up to 30 days or longer;
SSO (Single Sign-On) support to mitigate compliance and security risks via user authentication and revocation control;
History of user logins;
Automated redaction of sensitive data (like passwords) from logs;

For enterprises looking to process sensitive documents, provides a self-hosted version of API. This self-hosted version is available as a separate product called “ByteScout API Server” and can be easily deployed into a server in a private cloud or in an offline environment with minimal requirements for server hardware.

Additional functionality improving the security of data extraction and PDF processing in the platform also includes the following:

Automated use of randomized links for output files to make sure now temporary files are securely stored;
Built-in secure permanent files storage to store files and documents for re-use in API;
Temporary files are automatically auto-removed from cloud servers;
Support for password-protected PDF files for data extraction;
Support for adding security permissions and password protection to existing PDF files;
Encrypted and password-protected PDF files opened as needed.

Enterprise data stored and processed in a cloud-based system is shown to enhance security which in turn favorably impacts business growth and overall company success. Industry leaders are known to select and integrate cloud strategies, and is providing cloud security solutions. It is a new age of digital transformation, and cloud-based API platforms are playing a major part in the equation for many enterprises. The new ByteScout security features at are appealing to large enterprises in every industry.


ByteScout provides data extraction solutions for companies of every size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in the Insurance, Risk Management, and Banking industries since 2006. Offerings include on-demand API, on-premise Enterprise API Server, and low-level on-premise Software Development Kits (SDK). Enterprise customers are also provided with on-premise solutions ensuring secure and privacy-friendly data processing.

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