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Firexo - Dedicated to creating innovative and ground-breaking products in the worlds fight against fire

MILLIONS of Large Scale & Wild Fires occur each year with costs of $TRILLIONS across all continents; cataclysmic loss of human life, animals & nature.

The recent Teslar fire in the US, resulted in 40,000 US Gallons/151,416 litres of water being used to extinguish it! Firexo tested resoundingly well against Lithium-ion fires at RISE in Sweden.”
— CEO Dave Breith
AMERSHAM, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, August 26, 2021 / -- Firexo entered the Fire Safety market in 2018 with their revolutionary fire liquid to extinguish ALL fires. Able to cool fire to hand touch within seconds and the ability to eliminate re-ignition, this single water based liquid, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and able to extinguish ALL FIRES; no need for CO2, water, foam, powder extinguishing products removing any confusion over which extinguisher to use. Within 12 months Firexo had created international interest and demand.

During the global downtime Firexo took the opportunity to develop, test and launch a dedicated Large Scale Fire product, named fx73, with the aim of combatting the world's increasing problem of Large Scale and Wild Fires. This product is now available for those interested in being part of an early testing programme. Contact: for further information.

There are MILLIONS of Large Scale Building Fires globally per year in high rise and commercial buildings. TRILLIONS of dollars of cost per year in damage and business loss. Vast numbers of civilian and fire fighter lives lost to such fires annually. 80% of businesses fail to re-open after a major fire.
Notre-Dame de Paris and The National Museum of Brazil, both experienced major fires in recent years, resulting in incalculable dollars worth of damage and lost history. Most high-rise fires begin on floors lower than the 6th story. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of fire in large buildings, even in office blocks. In 2017, 72 people died in a fire in Grenfell Tower in London. In 2019, 17 people died in a hotel fire in Delhi. In 2019, 27 adults & children died in a fire at a boarding school in Liberia.

Across the world in 2019, there were 4.5 million Wildfires larger than one square kilometer; it is estimated that the global tangible cost of Wildfires in 2019 is hundreds of $billions across all continents. Cataclysmic loss of human life, nature and billions of animals around the globe. The in-tangible cost to the environment and people, after a fire is huge; in one case 900,000 people in Indonesia, suffered breathing difficulties following the Wildfires that occurred in 2019. It takes 2-4 years following a wildfire before reforestation can resume. Climate change, as predicted, is fuelling longer, stronger and resulting in quicker starting Wildfires; growing in number year on year in most countries. Wildfires are creating a vicious circle, fires emit CO2 - CO2 emissions are expediting climate change, which in turn is creating the perfect atmosphere for them. Unbelievably, there were wildfires in the Arctic and Alaska in 2019. Rather disturbingly 90% of Wildfires are found to be started by humans.

200 times more efficient than water Firexo's bespoke formula retardant, can surround a fire and stop it growing, with the Extinguishant killing the fire on impact. Its benefit of being Water Based, 100% Environmentally Friendly, Fluor Free and Readily Biodegradable means it is non toxic, with any residue acting as a fertiliser; harmless after the fire is out! The beauty of this revolutionary product is its versatility; Industrial Drone technology compatible, easy to dilute in water and remains as effective, it can be used exactly as water, with no change to process or equipment.

"Recently we heard of the Teslar fire in the US, resulting in 40,000 US Gallons/151,416 litres of water being used extinguishing it - four times the anticipated volume for an average car fire due to the reignition capability of Lithium-ion fires. Firexo tested their formula against Lithium-ion fires at the RISE center in Sweden... and with resounding success, a potential force to counteract concerns relating to electric car fires perhaps?"

Li-on battery fire testing will soon become a necessity; the European Standard Committee is currently developing a Li-on battery fire test to be included in EN3-7 in the near future and will become a new, recognised class of across Europe.

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