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FreightFriend releases leading LogTech SaaS powering relationships & digital execution for brokers, shippers & carriers

FreightFriend reporting screen

Enhanced reporting functionality caps the release of FreightFriend 2.0

Enhanced reporting completes the full suite of the FreightFriend 2.0 truckload procurement platform

Our suite of products was designed [...] so that logistics partners can focus on building real relationships and booking more loads with their existing teams.”
— Noam Frankel, Founder & CEO of FreightFriend
CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 16, 2021 / -- FreightFriend announced today that it has completed the full roll-out of the 2.0 version of its hallmark truckload procurement platform after the recent enhanced reporting release. A sweeping series of upgrades in the past several months has improved the usability and scalability of its core products, Capacity Guru and Freight Guru.

The product suite now includes a dynamic routing guide with flexible, automated tendering and digital freight matching using the most sophisticated data blending and machine learning on the market, as well as a carrier profiling wizard, intelligent feedback loop, and many more features, available within one seamless platform.

“Carrier engagement, data privacy, and communication are big topics on every shipper or freight broker’s mind,” said Noam Frankel, founder and CEO of FreightFriend. “Our suite of products was designed with those things in mind, so that logistics partners can focus on building real relationships and booking more loads with their existing teams.”

Capacity Guru: The dynamic routing engine that ranks carriers for any shipment or lane. Unlike other routing guides, Capacity Guru continuously updates its results based on real-time data and experiences and seamlessly flows from contract to spot with a flexible tendering process. The results are ranked by best-fit so you don't waste time calling down a list of carriers that don't run that lane or equipment type.

Freight Guru: A powerful carrier engagement tool that connects shippers and brokers with asset carriers, builds relationships, and automates execution. Freight Guru takes the user’s data, blends it with publicly available data, and delivers freight matches to carriers while dynamically learning and adjusting, based on carrier behavior and feedback. Matching results are ranked, saving carriers time and money, and auto-communicated to those carriers via email, saving you time. One big advantage of Freight Guru is that carriers do not need to sign up or sign in to receive matches, provide a quote, or book now — so carriers are more likely to engage and participate.

Loop: A feature that increases real-time transparency for shippers and brokers with their partner carriers on every load. From customer reps to carrier reps, anyone within your organization can leverage Loop to gain full visibility to which carriers have been offered which load and how they have responded, including internal feedback from reps, external feedback from carriers, quotes, and other details. These actions and points of feedback also contribute to the overall score and dynamic ranking for Capacity Guru and Freight Guru that make FreightFriend the most intelligent sourcing platform on the market.

New Carrier Search: A powerful, intuitive application that allows users to identify carriers based on specific origin, destination, and equipment type, along with other parameters. Search results are ranked and prioritized by best fit, so users don’t have to spend time calling carrier after carrier to find the right capacity for their freight.

Other suite features include:
- Foolproof carrier profiling wizard, perfect for new carrier reps
- Enhanced geolocation entry and identification for improved matching
- Fingertip access to each carrier’s profile, perspective, and load match information
- Modern interface that optimizes the user experience
- Detailed reporting at a user level so managers can see what their teams are working on, which users are excelling, and which might need help

The new update also continues to protect user information, allowing users to decide what information to share with the partners they prefer to work with and trust.

About FreightFriend: FreightFriend is a data-powered truckload procurement solution that helps shippers, brokers, and carriers build and manage relationships in a trusted ecosystem and then match the right capacity to the right freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, ranked freight matching with digital execution, new carrier sourcing, and a mutual friendship-based marketplace.

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