Inventor of High Flow Nasal Cannula, Veteran Medical Industry Executive Join MedTech Startup Board of Directors


photo of Bill Niland, inventor of high flow nasal cannula, Lead Independent Director, fluidIQ

Bill Niland, inventor of high flow nasal cannula, Lead Independent Director, fluidIQ

photo of Matt Vogelhuber, Chief Operating Officer and director for fluidIQ

Matt Vogelhuber, Chief Operating Officer, director, fluidIQ

Bill Niland and Matt Vogelhuber to help guide fluidIQ's next phase of growth

They join us during an exciting time in our growth as we move towards scaling and commercialization of our first product, InVent™”
— Christopher Jung, Chief Executive Officer of fluidIQ™
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 11, 2021 / -- fluidIQ, a startup MedTech company launched by a team of emergency and respiratory doctors, patient advocates and engineers who came together in the early days of the pandemic, announced today two new appointments to its board of directors.

Bill Niland, CEO of ReGelTec, who is the inventor of the high flow nasal cannula that has been central for life-saving oxygen therapy especially during the pandemic, is a successful serial MedTech CEO and will serve as fluidIQ’s Lead Independent Director. Matt Vogelhuber, R. Ph., a 30-year veteran of the medical industry, joined fluidIQ as its Chief Operating Officer earlier this year and will serve as a director on the board.

“Early on, we looked to Bill and Matt to help guide our team on strategy for our unique fluidics-based company. Now, more than a year since our founding, we are honored to have them join our board of directors to help push the ball forward for providers and patients," said Christopher Jung, CEO of fluidIQ. “They join us during an exciting time in our growth as we move towards scaling and commercialization of our first product, InVent™, and develop partnerships that will help drive our mission of delivering innovative MedTech to a world in need. Adding these directors complements our boards' skill sets and experiences, and we are confident their perspectives will add value as we continue to execute our strategy including our initial efforts in the emergency medical market."

About Bill Niland
Niland is a serial healthcare entrepreneur who has founded and successfully exited four different companies in the healthcare space. Niland co-founded Harpoon Medical Inc., that was sold to Edwards Lifesciences for $250M. Prior to that, he founded Vapotherm, successfully commercializing a respiratory therapy technology known as high flow nasal cannula that has been an important tool for patient treatment especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Niland is currently CEO of ReGelTec, a clinical stage medical device company making a percutaneous treatment for chronic back pain. He holds 22 patents and is an angel investor in promising technologies. He received a bachelor’s degree in law/justice from Rowan University.

About Matt Vogelhuber
Vogelhuber is a 30-year veteran in major pharma, biotech and cancer diagnostics and has held numerous senior management positions with Eli Lilly and Myriad Genetics across the U.S., Japan and Europe/Middle East/Africa. Formerly the CEO of a start-up pharmaceutical company, he is the founding principal of a boutique consulting firm. As an experienced executive and board member, Vogelhuber has a clear understanding of needed processes and procedures to make start-ups successful in the short and long term. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in pharmacy and a bachelor’s of arts in anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.

About inVent™
fluidIQ’s first product is a lipstick-sized resuscitation/ventilation device intended for providing emergency breathing assistance to patients around the world. fluidIQ plans to improve the emergency ventilation space with this tiny 3D-printable tool that can automate what has long been a labor-intensive manual procedure that often requires more than one emergency responder. In an emergency, resuscitation or ventilation is provided to supplement the breathing of patients who need assistance getting enough air into their lungs or to provide full breathing support for patients who cannot breathe on their own. Emergency and disaster response members of the team worked with engineers to develop a product designed with the aim to be small and rugged enough to be deployed anytime and anywhere to help patients, even in resource deplete and austere environments.

About fluidIQ™
fluidIQ, a public benefit and Delaware corporation, provides simple yet elegant solutions based on proprietary fluidics technology. The company was founded by a group of doctors, engineers and patient advocates who joined together to find solutions for gaps in medical needs, including ventilators, in the midst of the coronavirus-caused world crisis. fluidIQ aims to deliver hope to a world in need with simple, easy-to-deploy technology solutions that solve the most pressing medical challenges of our time. fluidIQ’s roadmap for an entire family of products is based on fluidics-operated devices dedicated to filling gaps in emergency and preparedness protocols that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective. The science of fluidics uses air or fluids to operate things automatically without the need for electricity or batteries. Please visit to learn more.

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